The Old and the New World

Sparks and I watch “space news” on my chromebook. We watch the same ascension channels, and bible prophecy news, or like end time news. Daily there is always a ton of disastrous stuff going on. Funny we get our news from these videos, and no one in our country sees any of it in the mainstream medias. The news that is fed to America is very 3D. It is meant to divide, it’s full of polarity. Polarity or good and evil is a very basic concept, it’s where people start to learn. You are meant to transcend this concept, as well as the whole 3D paradigm. There are those that are resisting this.

While we watch “space news” to stay aware and just for fun, you do not want to get sucked into that paradigm. All that is 3d is being destroyed by earth, wind, and fire. It’s amazing to see the floods that just happened and how so many people lost everything, everything except their lives. In this matrix a lot of us become attached to various things. We can become attached to people, possessions, habits. It’s important to remember during this that God is in control.

There is a new world being built all around you. I also see lightworkers assembling and finding their true calling, which is to help people. I see these amazing crystal children that are here to build this new earth. Everyone has a choice to make, it comes down to do you want to stay in this world, one that does not serve you, and is all wrong, or do you want to help co-create a new world. What it really comes down to is are you good of self or good of others. You would know these answers best. I tell everyone to look inside of themselves, you have to know yourself, love yourself, and go by your intuition. You need discernment because much like sheep the masses are being led into the slaughterhouse. Shift to love and you will be amazed at how it takes you to this new world. You are a guardian, guardian of what you love.


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