Letting Go Of Anything That Doesn’t Serve You

I speak of anything not of light coming to the surface for clearing. I am going through this with my twin flame, especially during full moons. We have been getting hit with crazy energy that is upgrading us, or our DNA. I am phasing out of my job, which isn’t the greatest to be going through. I am transitioning into doing this website, but the process is very hard. I can see future probabilities so I know where I end up, it’s more the work to get there is very hard.

The best way to manifest something is to put the work out there to get it. If your trying to manifest money for example then I would do that dollar amount of work healing of for my website. We go through life repeating the same lessons over and over until we pass, a lot of us unconsciously. I spent my entire life unconscious and disoriented. Now that I am conscious and aware it is very easy for me to see where I am getting these beliefs from, that they clearly don’t serve me, and to release them.

My boyfriend and I go through it at the same time, we were dealing with past issues last night. Sparks is trying to get away from his mothers paradigm because it clearly does not work. We contracted to have children so we are working to correct these behaviors so that we won’t impose them in the children we have. Most bad behaviors, or fears were inherited from your parents. At birth a child enters into their world and learns their traits. We are now trying to unlearn them. I had issues from birth because I knew that there was something very wrong with everything, from my family to my world. Really that was inherited traits i received at birth. Thankfully there is the power of reinvention, see these other people like it that way, but you really do have a choice. Let go anything that does not serve you or is not of your best interest. Anything that is against your ore values or your core self, avoid. Raise your vibration and love yourself…. Namaste.


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