We Live In A Hologram

I like to think of our reality as a dream, or an illusion. We live in a virtual reality experience, some refer to it as the matrix. It is actually a hologram. A hologram is a three-dimensional image confined in two dimensions. Our matrix is something we perceive to be third dimensional, but it is projected from the second dimension. Remember time is an illusion, so is everything else. The Universe is actually a conscious hologram. Reality is a projected illusion that exists within that hologram. We are living in the middle of a virtual experiment. Our entire hologram is made up of grids created by a Source consciousness. Because this is a hologram, which we believe is real, it is only real because our brains tell us that it is real. Consciousness is everything in the virtual hologram, it consists of everything and everyone. Our brains are an electrochemical machine made for streaming live codes for experience and interpretation. Our human experience is a biogenetic experiment where consciousness is made physical. This is done in patterns of sacred geometry, that repeat in cycles of time, that form our reality. We are here to become alchemists of time and consciousness. Wake up to who you are. We must ascend out of these third dimensional operating systems.