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Galactic Service Calls


Galactic service calls

A lot of you are going to feel a soul pull towards me in a huge way.  My galactic team is aware that I am about to need a lot of assistance so we are putting a call for action on any soul contracts not being obligated at this time.  As a Starseed we took on a certain obligation to assist this planet at this time.  There are too many Starseeds not yet on their missions, many contracts have yet to be obligated.  We are creating an opportunity for you to assist our movements and our current mission.  As a group we are about to merge several missions into one of unity.  It’s time you obligate your own contracts for humanity.  We are putting out powerful vibrations for Galactic assistance and you have a choice to make, you can ignore those objectives or you can assist your consciousness group like you agreed to.  It’s time that we stop allowing others do the work we should be helping with.  Those contracts were made with a group, ours.  Anyone not obligating there contracts to assist humanity are being requested to assist on our mission of healing.

Making Conscious Choices

Making Conscious ChoicesToday is going to be imprinted in my consciousness as a sad day for me.  I am deeply connected to a group of souls that chose to come here and chose hard lessons.  Lessons of forgiveness are not easy when it comes to some losses. I was just telling my sister I can barely remember my Mother.  I have to try very hard to even hold on to the few memories that I have left.  If I try very hard sometimes I can here her real voice.  I’m a healer and I’ve been trying to heal myself and my family for a long time.  A lot of that with me gets lost in projection.  My own lessons have been teaching me how one persons actions and choices can affect an entire consciences group.  My childhood was filled with a lot of separation and darkness.  These choices made by other people, that affected me so greatly, are not random.  We are tied together through our past choices and certain karmic cycles.  In an instant of anger an entire community and an entire soul group experienced a loss.  These actions that I had no control over altered the course of time for so many people around me.  Humanity has yet to understand the interconnectedness of each of our actions and how they influence everyone.  The events in my life that should have been the happiest often were so sad to me to.  I saw birthdays, holidays, weddings and babies being born all without my Mother.  We didn’t just miss her during this celebrations we grieved in ways I doubt people could ever comprehend.  Some of the happiest times in my life, came with a certain heaviness.  I watched an entire soul group go through such a deep pain, that generations later we are all still having issues healing.  A new generation of children is here, and each took on that same karmic pain, and those same heart chakra lessons.  Children who never met her will continue her journey and her lessons, with any added pain their mothers passed on to them.  One persons actions so long ago, I barely can remember, altered the course of time for everyone around them.  While the people around me chose to continue to hold on to that pain, I chose to heal and to channel that into something for the good of humanity.  A lot of my friends will be complaining about their mothers today and sharing memes about gun topics.  I am sitting here, crying for those who are missing my mother, who died from a firearm.  I was having much to deep conversations about how these systems are to blame for everything to do with this.  Not in a way people might think either.  I blame a lot of people for these past events who all worked for these systems in some capacity.  I blame the doctors for putting me on controlled substance by the time I was 10 years old and the amount of medications I was prescribed, the systems that failed me as a child.  These system failures cost my mother her life, and they did not stop there, they failed my entire family.  The police apologized to me after I was an adult.  They said sorry to me that they made mistakes that cost my family any justice.  I was apologized to by my father as well.  I can see every perspective, and I was one of the only ones who could forgive something like that.  My repose was at that time that I had something taken from me that I can not replace.  So while everyone felt bad, and was sorry, I still would never get that back.  These system failures are causing reactions that are affecting all of humanity.  This is not fixable to me in any way.  These failures are taking lives.  Only in becoming conscious and in  taking responsibility for our actions can we move forward. These choices that hurt me so badly are easy to put on someone else.  They were my past actions as well as yours.  At some point we must stop all of this by taking responsibility for all of it, only then can we can move on…

The Galactic Drama


The Galactic Drama

We are working towards an end to this planetary quarantine.  Distortions in the planets magnetic fields are about to speed up these events.  The governments will even reach a point where they will have no choice but to recognize the spiritual hierarchy.  A lot of people are feeling the need to suddenly relocate.  There are many areas that are being targeted right now.  Only through service would you be moved.  Most notably regions of the Pacific Southwest coast mountain ranges of the USA, the Northern Cascade range of the USA’s Pacific Northwest, the Sierra Madre range that surrounds Mexico’s capital and the islands of the Central South Pacific Ocean will be most affected by future events.  While the earth is now expanding, it’s about to contract.  The entire Universe is being upgraded and adjusting to new realities of consciousness.  The energy is slowly removing our old realities.  The very core of the galaxy is being affected, and expanding.  This process is opening up many intergalactic and inter-dimensional doorways.  New light energies are pouring into our present reality, altering our entire gravitational field.  The galactic drama is nearing an end.  Ne
w counsels of the stars are being formed.  

Universal Energy Healing


universal energy healingI have been learning about lots of aspects of the Universe as it pertains to healing.  I am still trying to integrate a lot of my recent downloads.  I have been starting to bring light language symbols into my Reiki classes.  It’s actually supposed to be one of my main focuses.  I was shown soul etheric imprints during a meditation.  It’s something stored in each Akashic record.  When you view it, it’s like symbols, or hieroglyphics.  These are light codes and they are more like images or shapes.  Some people are light language based and some people are galactic based.  These imprints are made of light.  They contain what you chose to include in them for your incarnation here.  We could not bring our entire records, so we chose what we wanted to include for our missions here. Things you would need to access to remind you, or to help with your mission.  These vibrations connect us to the other realms.  It is a soul language that we process information with on an energetic level.  Through activating ourselves energetically we are slowly going through a light body restructuring.  There are frequencies being accessed now that are reconnecting us to these soul etheric blueprints as we are about to go through some serious energetic upgrades.  There are many galactic symbol based languages that have been forgotten, causing a lot of these energetic packets to become unreadable.  These light language templates are sort of like a master translator program.  Humanity has sort of become lost in translation.  This has caused a need for volunteers to incarnate here carrying these light codes.  Humanity is becoming recoded and upgraded in major ways.



Public service announcement: Don’t judge my path because I can see where I end up. Judging lowers your vibration so when you feel your in a position to judge me, your actually judging Gods work. I am a masterpiece still being molded into that ultimate form. When we judge the art we are in fact judging the sculptor. In fact your words aren’t even about me. There are actually about you. Focus on yourself and work on cultivating your own light and healing. Amazing that you think your above I any way, I know the truth we are all equal. If my truth is triggering you then you have things to work on not me. P.S. Sparks and I are going to vibrate out of here, and anyone is welcome to come with us, we would never judge anyone.


Let’s talk about manifesting. This is the process of making your ideas morph into the physical reality. Believe it or not our thoughts and words are creating the reality we see around us all the time, so we are manifesting all the time. This is what we mean when we say we live in a manifest reality. It’s just how the Universe works. Before energy takes a form an infinite number of potential outcomes and possibilities exist. This means all possible potential outcomes exist simultaneously. This is why it’s so important that we are consciously manifest rather then allowing manifesting to happen by default. Based on your previous experiences your subconscious mind perceives objects as physical tangible objects. These tangible things take up space and seem physical, some refer to this concept as matter. Science has discovered that matter is in fact not solid, we just perceive it in that way. Everything is actually moving or vibrating. Matter is actually created from energy, it’s form created from the formless. This is how anything can change form, no matter how solid it appears. We have created every experience we have ever experienced with our thoughts. Nothing is random or a coincidence ever in this Universe.
This means that we all have the ability to create what we really desire. People have anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Your brain is like a powerful computer that is shaping the reality you see into the physical.
Remember if you are not in the flow then you are in a state of resistance with the Universe. Always go with the flow.

  1. Clear space, get rid of limiting beliefs. Pray for the Universe to release you from anything that is blocking you.

  2. Clear your intentions. You need clarity so the Universe knows what you want. If it’s a job you want make a list.

  3. Think it, feel it, and believe it. Meditation is great for this. Let the thought form into a feeling which turns into energy.

  4. Chill. We all need to relax. Anxiety never helps, have faith that the Universe will always provide for you.

  5. Know the Universe has your back. If yo accept your greatness it will manifest into greatness. Know you are so loved and the Universe wants you to be happy.

We Live In A Hologram

I like to think of our reality as a dream, or an illusion. We live in a virtual reality experience, some refer to it as the matrix. It is actually a hologram. A hologram is a three-dimensional image confined in two dimensions. Our matrix is something we perceive to be third dimensional, but it is projected from the second dimension. Remember time is an illusion, so is everything else. The Universe is actually a conscious hologram. Reality is a projected illusion that exists within that hologram. We are living in the middle of a virtual experiment. Our entire hologram is made up of grids created by a Source consciousness. Because this is a hologram, which we believe is real, it is only real because our brains tell us that it is real. Consciousness is everything in the virtual hologram, it consists of everything and everyone. Our brains are an electrochemical machine made for streaming live codes for experience and interpretation. Our human experience is a biogenetic experiment where consciousness is made physical. This is done in patterns of sacred geometry, that repeat in cycles of time, that form our reality. We are here to become alchemists of time and consciousness. Wake up to who you are. We must ascend out of these third dimensional operating systems.

Yes, The Earth’s Frequencies Are Rising

We are all shifting from our current state of limited consciousness to a higher vibration and a higher level of consciousness. We are freeing ourselves from anything that isn’t serving us and we are evolving spiritually. We are evolving past that illusion of separateness into an enlightened state of unity and oneness. This is a place of peace and compassion. Our entire planet is getting hit with higher frequencies and more and more light waves. This is all accelerating.
7.83 HZ is the frequency of the OM. It is also Gaia, or Earths, natural heartbeat. This is also called the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance measures global electromagnetic resonances. The Schumann Resonance is also in tune with our brains alpha and theta states. The earths vibrational frequency is picking up. It’s up around 16 HZ on average, and up to 24 HZ to 30 HZ during waves. As these frequencies rise to 12-16.5 HZ, in Neurofeedback, this is called Sensory-Motor Rhythm frequency (SMR). This is an ideal state of “awakened calm”. As earth shifts her vibrational frequency it’s waking people up! Gaia’s magnetic field has been slowly weakening. The magnetic field was put in place to block our memories of our true heritage. As the magnetic field changes it is loosening any memory blocks that we have so we can raise our consciousness to truth.

Helping To Raise Everyone and Everything’s Vibration

imageI have been putting a lot of time into trying to help people via social media. I posted I am still finding my place as a lightworker and a healer, but my job is to help raise the planets vibration thru love, and to assist with ascension.  I had someone write back that this is nonsense, it’s impossible that people can raise the love vibrations of other people, but not of the planet. I love any kind of questions like this, because there are so many layers one can look at. First off I feel bad for this person because judging and trying to limit me just dropped his vibration all the way down. We limit ourselves so much, and him trying to limit me is him limiting himself, he just has a limited understanding of it.

My twin flame and I were created and lived with Source, we are illuminated. Our love brings Source joy and happiness that we can’t even comprehend. My twin flame and I are both two desperate aspects of The Divine, when I love him I am loving The Divine. Our love is not like the 3D relationships most are used to, it is pure unconditional Divine love. This type of love affects all, even Source and Gaia. I see so much negativity on social media, remember to keep shining your light, people are afraid of your power for they are still living from an ego perspective. To limit others limits us all. You will come to a place of knowing and you will begin to guide yourself on this journey, in this never ending dream. Stay positive, shine your light so bright that others will be able to use it to descend from the darkness. Help liberate others from the prisons they have built.