On This Weeks Energies…

This week we are going to see some major energy shifts.  Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse will close the Triple Eclipse Gateway.  This Eclipse will be in Capricorn and will mark the completion of a cycle.  We have tons of solar winds coming into the Planet right now.  We can expect “minor geomagnetic unrest” on June 30th and July 1st.  This energy is affecting the Earth’s magnetic field.  The magnetic field has actually been shaking.  On June 23rd we were hit with a massive wave of energy that ripped across the Planet.  There was a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Mexico on this same day.  There was no solar storm or geomagnetic storm that caused this disturbance. Radioactivity levels have also spiked in the atmosphere over northern Europe.  Let’s just say there are a lot of cosmic energies at play and we can expect to see some amazing auroras.  This 4th of July will be huge as we have a planet parade happening the same day.  This is an astronomical event where planets of the Solar System line up in a row in the same area of the sky.  This alignment is very rare.  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will line up on one side of the Sun at the same time.  The last parade of planets of this type occurred in 1982, and the next one is expected in 2161 and 2492.  We are going to continue to have tons of energies flowing in.  These waves are powerful.  This is a huge transformation and many will continue to purge and release the old.  This weekends Lunar Eclipse is also a Full Moon.  It may bring up issues with how you see yourself to be healed.  A lot of people will be releasing a lot of family issues or outdated karmic programming.  This is about rewriting your story or even creating a new one.  It’s time to let go of any outdated belief systems.  Many people are feeling this ascension in a very physical way.  We have been going through some massive third eye upgrades.  We are coming into more and more psychic awareness.  Many have been feeling this in their brow.  We have a lot happening with the solar plexus during this time.  So many stuck emotions have been clearing.  Many of you came here as Starseeds to assist with clearing the heaviest of energies.  There is a massive  transmutation happening right now.  There is a big release occurring with the sacral chakra right now.  Many blocks are coming to the surface and some may be feeling a lot of kundalini energies.  Make sure your using the last of this Triple Eclipse Gateway.  This is a powerful time for healing and manifestation.


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