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Preparing For Monday’s Lunar Eclipse…

We have kicked off Sagittarius Season, as well as Eclipse Season.  Monday’s Full Moon in Gemini will also be a Lunar Eclipse.  We have an Eclipse Season every six months.  This Eclipse Season will help lead us into 2021, and it will last until December 29th this year.  This Eclipse Season will bring with it two eclipses.  We have a Lunar Eclipse Monday in Gemini, that will really open this Eclipse Gateway.  We have a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 14th.  This will be the final Eclipse of the year.  December will bring with it the 12:12 Gateway, the Winter Solstice, and many other powerful alignments and ascension energies.  This series of eclipses will activate the lunar nodes, which will really activate us.  The south and north nodes rule our past and future.  They have a huge influence on us astrologically.  This first Eclipse will help make your deeper purpose or destiny more clear.  It may even bring up revelations or more insight into your past lives or your souls journey.  Since Eclipses occur on the lunar nodes they bring about massive change and transformation.  Eclipses tend to dig around in our karma as well.  This is to show us where we have more work to do.  Monday’s Full Moon will bring with it a chance to let go of anything no longer serving us.  This is a time of release as we prepare for a new beginning.  2020 has brought with it a lot of purging.  This has been a good thing as we continue to get lighter.  Your body may be needing a moment to integrate all of these energies.  It’s also a really powerful time to manifest as this Gemini is great at helping us with our ideas and communication.

Join us Monday for our Gemini Lunar Eclipse Meditation…



We Are Meditating Monday!

Monday we have a Full Moon in Gemini, which is also a Lunar Eclipse!  This first Eclipse of Eclipse Season, which will open a powerful Gateway.  It will also help activate our lunar nodes which will help activate our destiny.  We are coming together for our last meditation of November on Monday.  We use the Gateways and Ascension Energies to bring through healings and activations.  Make sure you are signed up for this Event.  You can only view it by signing up.  Once you do, we will add you to the private Eclipse Group we are using on Facebook to live stream from.  This will be a powerful transmission with all of the Cosmic Energies at play.  Here is the link join, and please do, it will be a beautiful event!


Sirius Gateway, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and a Planetary Parade…

The Sirius Gateway has opened.  This month we are about to receive some powerful energies.  Every year from July 3rd to the 7th a gateway of energy opens between Earth and Sirius, our Spiritual Sun.  During this time Sirius is the closest to Earth and our Sun is farthest away.  Sirius is know as our Spiritual Sun.  In Ancient Egypt, Sirius was considered to be the star of the goddess Isis.  Sirius is thought to be the gateway to Heaven.  This is an important time for all of humanity as we are going through a massive expansion of consciousness.  These energies are playing a huge part in our spiritual awakening.  They are helping to activate us.  We are going to go through a lot of intense upgrades the next several months.  This Sirius Gateway will make this weekends Full Moon Lunar Eclipse extra powerful.  This Lunar Eclipse will close this Triple Eclipse Gateway we have been in.  It’s actually really rare to have three eclipses in one lunar month.  Since this Full Moon is in Capricorn we very much have the energies of Heaven and Earth merging together right now.  This energy is very powerful for manifesting.  You could be making big changes or big plans right now.  We also have a rare Planet Parade on the 4th, which will add to the excitement.  This is where all of the Planets in our Solar System will be in perfect alignment on one side of the Sun.  Get ready as we have shifted into the second half of this year.  We are going to continue to go through some intense energies as we dive into the rest of 2020.  We are going to go through some powerful energy shifts to.  This is the time to learn how to really work with these energies.  They are calling you home.  You should feel your spiritual and psychic senses heightened as we very much are shifting into an altered state of consciousness.  This is a time to release any old patterns no longer longer serving you.  Really tune into your Soul right now.  We are receiving a lot of downloads and information right now.

Tuesday we are doing a we are doing a live guided meditation for 7/7.  We will be working with the Pyramids as well as the beloved mother Isis.  This is a really good time to further activate your third eye, and we will be doing just that.  Once you sign up you will be given access to a private Facebook group to be a part of the live transmission, or you can always watch the replay.


On This Weeks Energies…

This week we are going to see some major energy shifts.  Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse will close the Triple Eclipse Gateway.  This Eclipse will be in Capricorn and will mark the completion of a cycle.  We have tons of solar winds coming into the Planet right now.  We can expect “minor geomagnetic unrest” on June 30th and July 1st.  This energy is affecting the Earth’s magnetic field.  The magnetic field has actually been shaking.  On June 23rd we were hit with a massive wave of energy that ripped across the Planet.  There was a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Mexico on this same day.  There was no solar storm or geomagnetic storm that caused this disturbance. Radioactivity levels have also spiked in the atmosphere over northern Europe.  Let’s just say there are a lot of cosmic energies at play and we can expect to see some amazing auroras.  This 4th of July will be huge as we have a planet parade happening the same day.  This is an astronomical event where planets of the Solar System line up in a row in the same area of the sky.  This alignment is very rare.  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will line up on one side of the Sun at the same time.  The last parade of planets of this type occurred in 1982, and the next one is expected in 2161 and 2492.  We are going to continue to have tons of energies flowing in.  These waves are powerful.  This is a huge transformation and many will continue to purge and release the old.  This weekends Lunar Eclipse is also a Full Moon.  It may bring up issues with how you see yourself to be healed.  A lot of people will be releasing a lot of family issues or outdated karmic programming.  This is about rewriting your story or even creating a new one.  It’s time to let go of any outdated belief systems.  Many people are feeling this ascension in a very physical way.  We have been going through some massive third eye upgrades.  We are coming into more and more psychic awareness.  Many have been feeling this in their brow.  We have a lot happening with the solar plexus during this time.  So many stuck emotions have been clearing.  Many of you came here as Starseeds to assist with clearing the heaviest of energies.  There is a massive  transmutation happening right now.  There is a big release occurring with the sacral chakra right now.  Many blocks are coming to the surface and some may be feeling a lot of kundalini energies.  Make sure your using the last of this Triple Eclipse Gateway.  This is a powerful time for healing and manifestation.

On The Energies…

We are going through a Triple Eclipse Gateway.  Today’s Strawberry Full Moon In Sagittarius is also a Lunar Eclipse.  We will have a Solar Eclipse with the next New Moon in two weeks.  We have entered a powerful space during the next two weeks.  The space in between the Eclipses is a powerful Gateway.  We are going to go through a lot of upgrades this month.  A lot of people are already feeling how intense these energies are.  When we come through the other side of this gateway, we pass through the Ring of Fire.  We also have tons of solar flares hitting us.  Last weekend we saw the biggest solar flare to hit this planet in three years.  These energies are full of codes and activations.  We are also approaching the Summer Solstice.  So this month will be full of some amazing energies that we can be using.  We have 6/6 portal tomorrow as well.  This is a powerful time for healing.  While these energies may be lighting a fire within, Eclipses are a time to recalibrate our energy.  We have also entered into a pre-retrograde shadow, as Mercury shifts into retrograde June 18th.  While we did enter Eclipse Season this week many are forgetting Retrograde Season is not over.  Issues from the past have been surfacing as well as any unresolved karma.  There will be 6 planets in retrograde this month.  Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde this month.  Let’s not forget we have several asteroids adding to the cosmic energies.  What an exciting time to be here!  We are instant manifesting in these energies, so stay very positive as your going through these shifts! They will be huge! That means we can really tap into them to do big things.

I’ll be doing a virtual group online meditation tomorrow.  I love using these energies.  This will take place in our 6/6 portal group we have set up on Facebook.  You just purchase your ticket and we email you the link to join the group.  We are being asked to assist the planet by coming together for more group meditations.


Entering This Eclipse Gateway…

We have a lot of energies coming in.  We can see an increase of these energies during the last several years.  Friday we have a Full Moon in Cancer, which is also a Lunar Eclipse.  If you were watching this Eclipse from the Moon it would be a Solar Eclipse.  We are being reminded that our perspective is everything that makes up our world.  We have many timelines playing out across the collective, so it’s very important we are choosing ones that are best for us.  2020 is giving you a chance to write a new narrative.  It’s time to find your inspiration.  This is the first Full Moon of the decade.  Eclipses are a time of rapid change.  They are energetic Gateways.  The energy may feel intense, but it’s all about transformation.  Emotions may be running high and any unhealed issues may be coming up.  Lunar energy affects the subconscious, drawing to the surface what is underneath.  This Full Moon is also in Cancer, thats a lot of water energy considering the Moon has a huge influence on water.  We are feeling more of the emotional.  Water often attracts that which needs healing.  This energy will assist you in releasing any emotional blockages.  Stay aligned with what your trying to manifest for 2020 during this gateway.  It will assist you in your travels.

We are doing an activation event in our Eclipse Facebook group Friday.  For sure make sure you sign up.


On The Energies…

There is a lot going on with the Earths chakra system, as well as your own.  We are going to have so much energy coming in the next two weeks, as well as a lot of big astrological shifts.  Eclipse season has been great as it has been creating a reset.  We have our first Eclipse of 2020 on Friday.  This is giving us a glimpse into this year’s energy, we will have 6 Eclipses this year.  Fridays Lunar Eclipse is also a Full Moon in Cancer.  We need rain vibes for many places globally and this is the perfect energy to bring it.  We are delving into the element of water and the emotional.  We will go through this Eclipse Portal and into some powerful astrology when Pluto and Saturn collide January 12th.  We can expect many waves to follow the 14th and 15th.  This is the energy of the new.  The next two years will be powerful for our DNA.  We can expect a ton of upgrades and recoding.  These energies coming into this Planet are programmed to assist us not just with our spiritual ascension, but our spiritual evolution.  While I see many predictions about 2020, it’s important to remember we live in a manifest reality.  This space is yours to make.  This year is all about stepping into your power as a co-creator.

We are doing a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Healing Activation Friday! It’s also my boyfriends birthday and a great energy to be working with.  Make sure you sign up to join!


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer…

This week will be powerful astrologically.  We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this week and Uranus shifts direct.  There is a lot of old programming being released.  A lot of these blockages are now coming into your conscious awareness.  We have a theme this year of taking responsibility for ourselves.  We can only heal what we have become aware of.  This Full Moon in Cancer, which is also a Lunar Eclipse, will provide a powerful energetic reset.  It’s also pushing us to further heal the feminine.  Many are feeling frustrated in these energies.  It’s important that we are not taking other people’s emotions personally.  The element of Cancer tends to bring up some heavy emotions.  There is a lot of purging that is occurring collectively.  This Eclipse will assist us in removing anything blocking our paths.  Uranus also shifts direct on the 10th.  On January 12th Saturn will meet Pluto.  This conjunction will help tear down the constructs of the old.  A new reality is emerging.  Many are still feeling the effects of the last Eclipse.  Eclipses always come in pairs and this Eclipse will bring some closure.  We are also stepping into much higher frequencies and we are integrating a lot of energies.  Use this time to reflect on the healing progress you have made since last summer.  Is there programming that has been blocking your progress or your path? How have you been holding yourself back? Is there more I can be releasing? It’s time to go deeper.  Only in releasing the old can we step into the new.

Eclipse Energies…

This Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is the completion of a cycle.  It’s meant to bring closure.  Many outdated timelines are crumbling.  The things no longer in alignment with us spiritually must be released.  With any closure comes a new beginning.  Many of you are between worlds.  In releasing the old you’ll see more of the new.  This energy is powerful.  It’s trying to push you into further alignment with your purpose.  To many people have become to satisfied in the material.  This energy is pushing you to further discover who you are on a soul level.  What is your role in being here at this time? Is there a mission your soul agreed to to assist with before incarnating here? This energy is encouraging us delve deeper into our purpose.  This journey was always designed to lead us to self mastery.  These retrogrades are amplifying this alignment, and pushing us to go deeper within.  When this Eclipse occurs it will be activating our third eyes.  We have a geomagnetic storm affecting us at the same time.  This storm energy is causing us to produce more melatonin in our pineal gland.  The activation occurring within these receptors is activating our DNA.  These Eclipse cycles are huge for our spiritual evolution.

Your pineal gland, or third eye is your inner eye.  Check out our third eye activations to further awaken your psychic sight and psychic abilities..

Pressure Cooker..

This Full Blood Moon/ Lunar Eclipse will complete a cycle.  For the past 18 months we have been working with the Eclipse energies of Leo and Aquarius.  This Eclipse will mark the last one in this cycle.  In ancient times a Blood Moon was seen as a bad omen for the King.  It represented a time of reign coming to an end.  This Eclipse is meant to lead you to your calling.  Solar and Lunar eclipses occur on the same frequency.  This Eclipse will push the collective into much higher frequencies.  Lunar energy penetrates all things.  These energies effect any electromagnetic fields.  It also creates a disruption in our melatonin levels, affecting sleep cycles.  Some people are very sensitive to geomagnetic disturbances.  These influxes of energy are changing our DNA.  When we are exposed to low frequency fields it creates a breakdown of our DNA.  Geomagnetic, or high frequency energy is shown to repair DNA.  The physical elements are changing on this Planet.  Carbon will no longer be the blueprint for life.  We are changing to crystalline.  All life is evolving to piezoelectric properties.  This effect is creating a new electromagnetic field pulse.  This is electricity created from a lot of pressure and heat.  You can see this occurring when you look at the Schumann  Resonance.