On The Energies…

We are in the last minutes of Capricorn Season.  This Capricorn Season has given you a chance to map out this year and what it will bring for you.  Hopefully you have made some big plans for 2021.  Aquarius Season kicks off on January 19th.  This shift in elements is very much being felt as Earth has suddenly become much more intergalactic.  Many are waking up to there Starseed origins and are feeling a need to save the world.  This is a good time to break some rules or to go renegade in some way.  This week is going to bring some intense energy with it.  The Light Codes are pouring in and it’s a great time to use these Ascension Energies to get things done.  Things are about to lighten up energetically.  Air is a great energy to use for manifesting.  Air is also great for shifting any heavy emotions.  We are going to continue to be clearing a lot within our chakras during this time.  We also have things shifting within our timelines.  It’s very important that your staying more positive, and trusting that the changes occurring are for your highest good.  This is a great time to get aligned with a mission bigger then yourself.  Aquarius is a visionary it’s all about the third eye and the future.  We have been in an Aquarius Stellium for about a week.  A stellium occurs when we have at least three planets in the same sign.  Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are all in Aquarius. The Sun is about to join them and, February 1st Venus will also be in Aquarius.  The Aquarius Stellium we are in will last until mid March.  Since the Sun will make up part of this stellium it will be felt much more intense.  Talk about a ton of Aquarius energy.  That means this Aquarius Season will be extra powerful.  If your astrology sign is in Aquarius 2021 is your year.  It’s best to use Aquarius Season to focus on your dreams.  Try to think outside of the box during this time.  It’s a great time to embrace how unique you are.  Uranus rules Aquarius, which is the planet of change and revolution.  This is a great time for both!

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