On The Energies…

The Moon is going to be extra busy today.  The Moon in Scorpio is across from Jupiter in Taurus today.  This Scorpio Moon also squares off with Venus in Leo tonight just after midnight.  Expect some major Pleiadian Energies as tonight opens a Pleiadian Portal.  As the Moon swims through Scorpio you’re being guided to focus on the intentions you’re setting, your dreams, and goals.  Pleiades/ Taurus/ Venus is all about love, money, and anchoring the 5D into the physical.  Expect lucky shifts within these areas right now! Best time to be healing relationships, money issues, or making those work/ business moves and shifts.  The Moon rules your emotional body. Expect major clearing and healing.  Virgo Season is grounding us and bringing us back down into reality.  Mercury is also now Retrograde.  Mercury is the ruler of Virgo.  Expect a slow shift first into Virgo Season then.  It’s time to reflect and regroup.  You have things you need to complete in your life right now.  Time to follow through on the half started plans and projects.  Virgo Season is all about getting healthy and healing too.  Tonight the Scorpio Moon also forms a trine with Saturn in Pisces.  This is a major Event!  These energies are healing you in clearing past karma, and healing karmic energies.  This celestial alignment will amplify your intuition.  That’s helping you to tune in, getting more clarity about your future.  You may have a lot of deep emotions or feelings going on right now.  There is a lot of healing that is happening on a deeper level.  Stay grounded and focus on inner peace as we move through the rest of this weeks energies.

art: @ramonlaasc

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