On The Energies…

May 30th- July 1st we have a Mars/ Venus conjunction.  May 30th Venus joins Mars in Cancer.  This is a powerful celestial event that fuses together the feminine and the masculine energies.  Venus rules love, beauty, luxury, harmony, attraction, romance, and marriage.  Mars rules passion, desire, assertiveness, and sexual energy.  This alignment will be kicking off a period of heightened romantic intensity.  Twin Flames will be feeling extra connected with this Mars/ Venus kiss.  A lot is going on, and coming up emotionally.  Cancer is a water sign that is deeply attuned to its feelings.  This Cancer Season is highlighting themes around security, home, and family.  You will have an intense connection and chemistry with the right one.  Twin Flames are the ones we will stay with for the rest of our lives.  You will be feeling extra magnetic pulls to your person during this conjunction.  Twin Flames share a powerful soul bond from the many lifetimes of being together and loving each other.  July 3rd is our Capricorn Full Moon.  This Full Moon is one of the brightest of the year.  It’s also a Supermoon!  The Sirius Gateway is July 3rd- 7th.  This gateway of energy occurs as the Sun comes into a conjunction with Sirius.  This Gateway will peak the 4th-5th.  That means things are going to get super Galactic.  July kicks off a series of Galactic Alignments.  Expect a huge influx of energies as we open the month with the energies of the 7:7 Portal and finish the month with the Galactic New Year and entering into the energies of the Lions Gate Portal.

art: @glitterxcollage

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