On The Energies…

Still receiving a huge influx of energies.  This will only intensify thru July.  July is a huge month!  July 1st is a powerful Venus/ Mars Conjunction.  Huge for your love life, and any Twin Flames.  Expect a huge chance for healing between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  Expect positive relationship shifts as you’re moving through your healing journey and these energies.  This alignment happens in Cancer too!  July 3rd is our Capricorn Full Moon.  This Moon is about recharging and planning ahead! Especially the next month ahead! This Full Moon is bringing a major reset.  Seems to be a theme thru most of July.  Full Moons alter your energy fields, that means this one you may be feeling on a physical level.  Self care is the theme of Cancer Season.  You may be needing more sleep right now.  Lots going on in the astrals as we prepare this Planet for ascension.  July 4th we have a Sirius/ Sun conjunction.  Sirius will be closest to Earth and our Sun will be farthest from Earth.  As they align major energies happen, and portals open.  We have the 7:7 Portal coming at us.  Sirius will be closest to our Sun at this point.  Expect major energies.  A lot of this month is moving us towards the Lions Gate Portal.  During the 7:7 Portal Saturn and the Moon align.  Helping you to clear unconscious karma.  This means you may be called to really reflect on your life, and on your own toxic patterns. The chains are coming off.  Old debts are being paid off.  You’re almost there!!  Keep going!!  July 25th is a Day Out Of Time.  Earth comes into a deep alignment with the Galactic Energies and realigns with Galactic time.  Expect a major clearing during this time.  Not to mention shifting into that void state even more.  July 26th is the Galactic New Year.  It’s the start of a new cosmic cycle of energies.  New higher frequency energies arrive at this point.

art: @shinewonderland

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