On The Energies…

Today is the latest sunset of the year.  It’s also the latest evening twilight.  We are receiving a lot of energies from our Sun, Sirius, and Central Sun.  Things are quite active in our morning skies right now too.  Today is a good rest day.  Last night we received a ton of energies, from a X Flare from last week.  You may have been feeling it in the astrals.  Having lots of dreams, all serving various purposes. Let’s just say you have been more active in the astrals.  There is a lot of healing taking place on higher levels right now.  You may be noticing glitches in your timelines.  Signs you have shifted in a big way.  We are in Cancer Season right now.  All about spiritual self care.  Self care is so much more than resting when exhausted.  It’s how you’re taking care of yourself each day.  It’s how you’re pouring into yourself.  The Planet is integrating into 5D energies.  Really take care of yourself during this time.  Declutter your space, make sure it’s clean down to all the corners and nooks and crannies, use sage, palo santo, and Florida water.  Time to get more organized in every way! Keep your energy clear, reiki, and energy healing work helps a ton.  Make sure you’re taking time to rest and recharge if you need it, yes, these energies will be getting intense.  Meditate.  This will help you achieve that zenned out vibe, and helps you to be in the right mind state, it clears stress and help you to connect.  Get outside! Grounding helps a ton as you’re integrating a ton of energies.  Journal.  You may want to start to write more.  This will help you with your ascension process and going deeper into things, or to keep track of things.  You can always do a gratitude journal.  Eat better foods.  This helps you to feel better! Also take good care of your body! May be needing or crazing lots of vitamins and herbs right now!

art: @glittsparkles

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