On The Energies…

Tonight’s New Moon In Sagittarius is aligning with the last day of the November Pleiadian Alignment.  This week we are receiving a ton of Galactic Energies, and a huge influx of it from Hydra, Orion and the Pleiades.  You’re probably feeling the energies and the upgrades coming in with them.  Major DNA activations to continue through the weekend.  We also have a Powerful Stellium between the Sun (energy/ life force), Moon (emotions), Venus (love) , and Mercury (communication).  All of the stars and planets are aligned in a special way right now.  This is giving us a chance to shift into a deeper alignment.  The stars stay forever in motion and are such a beautiful compass of the heavens.  We are receiving such beautiful signs and messages from above.  This is the beginning of a new lunar cycle.  This Sagittarius Season is guiding you somewhere new.  We are in some major next chapter vibes.  We are in the darker months of the year.  This is guiding us through some major rebirth energies.  We are doing Thanxgiving tomorrow so this week is all about resting, celebrating, and spending time with your loved ones.  It’s a great time to check up on your friends and family.  Make sure you’re checking in with yourself too and how your energy is feeling.  These energies are all about clearing energies to make way for the new.

art: @shinewonderland

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