On The Energies…

The energy for the next 3 weeks is so important.  The solar flares are kicking off.  We can expect the Solar Storms to continue as we are wrapping up Leo Season.  September 10th is the Harvest Moon.  From now until then it’s all about what we are working on, what we are creating, and manifesting.  You will see the results for whatever energies your putting out now, brought back to you then.  The theme for the Harvest Moon is you reap what you sow.  It’s one of the most magical times of year as the Earth is preparing to shift seasons.  Many of you are just waking up now from the energies and realizing you have a lot of work to do.  That means your probably starting to feel the energies more and more.  So many were feeling some type of ascension symptoms this past week.  If you were use that to help clear your energy.  Pains, aches, discomfort are letting you know which areas need the work.  That’s why energy work will help you so much.  We are now instant manifesting.  That means your thoughts are rapidly manifesting.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how much inner work you have done.  If your still having a lot of fear come up you’ll continue to create that, continuing to exist within the 3D Old Earth timelines.  If you shift your focus to your dream life and your goals you’ll end up there, shifting to more 5D New Earth timelines.  That’s why your focus is so important right now.  It’s so important that your having Faith right now.  Things can shift in a minute.  The Universe is always working so many Miracles in your life.  Things are going to get lit this Fall too! This will all lead up to this years Equinox.  We are continuing to do so much clearing work.  That means your soul just won’t be able to handle the negativity anymore.  Each person has to ultimately move through a set series of tests and challenges.  These are designed to make you stronger.  It’s all about clearing the things that aren’t good for you right now.  The next 3 weeks will be such a powerful space for healing within these energies.

art: @raw_beauty_contest

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