On The Energies…



Incoming Plasma Energies.  That means expect major light body activations this week.  That means many are feeling ascension symptoms.  These changes are happening within the physical body, so they are being felt in all different types of ways on a physical level.  There is a lot of cold and flu like symptoms going around, headaches, nausea or stomach issues, dizziness, disorientation, feeling like your going crazy, or in a different reality.  As your chakras are trying to clear and open the blocks are coming up.  Some of our negative beliefs and patterns are actually deep ancestral and karmic baggage that we have been carrying with us.  Our karmic and childhood wounds tend to be what’s triggering our relationships too.  Bad karma can keep us in awful patterns.  It’s about clearing the energies of the past fully.  We are clearing thousands of years of karma from our ancestors.  These imprints have been stored in our DNA, and need cleared and healed energetically.  August 18th we can expect two CMEs merged into one (cannibal CME) to arrive.  Expect strong geomagnetic storms this week.  We are living in the middle of some exciting times. We have so much energy coming at us.  These energies will super amplify your frequency too.  That’s why it’s so important to be working on your energy and doing things to raise your frequency.  We shift into Virgo Season Aug 22nd and Aug 27th we also have a Virgo New Moon.  Virgo is the sign of the healer.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury.  Mercury is the messenger planet of communication.  That means we have a ton of heightened mental energies.  This is helping us to better connect with the third eye and telepathically.  You may be picking up messages from people, or just reading there energies more.  You may be guided to travel this Virgo Season.  Expect to be seeing spiritual signs everywhere.

art: @ramonlaasc