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On The Energies…

Tonight we have a powerful alignment as Jupiter is conjunct Chiron.  They meet up in Aries.  Chiron always spends longer in Aries than any other sign.  Chiron is a healer and a huge activator for our own healing gifts.  This means old wounds may be coming up for healing.  Today’s alignment is bringing up a lot around healing past issues and healing past karma.  It’s giving us a chance to clear past energies and to clear any karmic connections.  Your karmic debt was experienced through your childhood and family situations first.  Then through your first relationships.  This is why it is so important to be clearing the patterns you have been, or may be repeating.  This Week’s Energies may be bringing up past lessons, past love/ relationship blocks, or financial issues.  If it is bringing more healing to these areas.  This may show as healing coming up, needing to do extra energy clearing work, memories surfacing, being in your head a lot, or even people showing up from your past.  This is a is a powerful gateway for your healing.  We have deep root chakra healing coming up.  You are a tree with many roots.  Each root a cord and a connection.  Needing to cut and to clear the negative connections.  The root chakra stores all of the patterns and memories of all of your past lives.  It’s also the chakra we need to focus on healing to really heal and release any and all karmic debt.  Karmic connections come with karmic cords.  These are toxic connections, that usually aren’t good for you or for your energy.  This is a time for shedding connections that are leaving you no more room for growth.  Healing yourself takes time, love, and energy.  Your healing and clearing many generations, and past lifetimes of trauma and karma.  Your ancestors are walking you through this entire process!  We are making a huge shift in the Seasons right now as we move closer and closer to the Spring Equinox.  (Fall for Australia).  All about making plans for the next couple of months ahead.  All about the new seeds we are planting.  Being able to manifest anything, through planting positive intentions daily.  All about tapping into what energizes you right now.  Jupiter spends a lot of this year boosting your confidence and your energy levels.  You’ll feel that lucky streak over the next few months that today’s energies are activating with this alignment!

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Recommending More Healing…

You want to find a good healer.  It’s so important that you are working with a good teacher that has worked through their own ascension process.  This is going to help you so much energetically.  The rest of 2022 is all about doing the healing and activation work.  Ascension moves you into a higher frequency and vibrations.  That means there is a lot to clear within the body as you’re moving through the process.  Energy healing is your best friend right now.  In a basic way all that stored trauma, and old baggage is being pulled to the surface.  If we don’t clear it, it makes you feel tired, weighed down, or sick.  We are moving through some major energies.  You will intuitively know what to be working on.  We can’t take the old into the new.  That means everything will need to be cleared and healed on an energetic level.  A lot of people have spirit or energetic attachments, or parasites affecting their energy.  This is why you may feel triggered or anxious.  A lot of people have major issues around their connections and are needing to cut their cords.  They remain connected to people and situations that are negative or draining for your energy.  A huge red flag is remaining corded or connected to past lovers or people you have had sex with in any way.  Your ascension will need to be the biggest clean up of your life energetically.  Many still have a ton of unresolved karmic debt.  This means past karma still playing out, or being stuck in major karmic cycles.  So many people are still in old 3D programs when it comes to their finances and relationships.  Many of you have allowed your partners to come merge or dump their karma on to you, and then leave.  You have taken on way too much of what was never yours.  You will need to clear and heal the financial and love blocks.  We are clearing so much within the family lines.  We are clearing and healing so many deep layers of trauma.  Deep wounds needing to be acknowledged and worked on.  Most of your issues come from unresolved childhood wounds still playing out within your energy field.  Many of you have been through some serious warefare and even spiritual attacks on your energy.  Many of you still have major spiritual blocks around your abilities, and psychic gifts.  We are also needing to clear, clean, heal, and activate our DNA.  You should be maintaining your energy and spiritual energy regularly.  If you are an empath you are picking up even more.  Empaths are like literal sponges to the energies around them.  You probably need extra protection as well.  It’s so important that you’re clearing and healing things in an energetic level.  I offer so many healing sessions on my website.  I always say go with what you’re guided to when you’re picking any healing sessions.

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On The Energies…

Huge Incoming Waves of Galactic Energies coming in right now.  We have a solar storm/ solar winds hitting  Earth right now that are traveling millions of miles per hour.  Expect These Geomagnetic Storms to continue to hit us very strongly thru the 2nd.  We are clearing so much.  It’s so important that you are reading the signs right now in your life and allowing them to guide you.  We are preparing for and already feeling what’s to come with the Solstice.  Relationships are still in the spotlight over the next few weeks.  Let’s talk your love life.  If you’re with a karmic partner simply know this person isn’t for you in the long run.  In fact you’re both destined to be with another.  Karmic relationships usually start out intense.  You have an instant connection.  You probably will think this is the One to start.  Signs your with a karmic partner the highs and lows, literal attacks on your energy, and turning abusive.  They treat you like shit.  Deep down you know it too.  Situations that turn into syphoning your magic.  You may try to leave and be guided to stay depending on the situation adding to more confusion.  With karmic relationships the Universe brought you together in order to work out and heal karmic issues.  These relationships always end when the debt is worked off, or the lesson is learned.  Like everything else you’ll feel it.  A lot of the time things end so bad.  If you could have done it on your own you would have already.  Often times Spirit has to make you move on.  A lot of the time the karmic partner will do anything to make you stay.  They aren’t doing the work.  These ones know you are ultimately moving forward on your path and your journey and know they aren’t coming.  These people will very much try to block your spiritual path and shut you off from your gifts.  There can be hints of attachment issues, coldness for your feelings, lack of boundaries, demonic possession, mind control, or addiction.  Usually it gets so unbearable you have no choice but to take back your power.  For many you keep attracting the same situations and even the same person over and over again.  If this is you it means you have not got the lesson yet.  In karmic situations your partner is mirroring negative traits and situations from your childhood.  Karmic partners indicate being stuck in karmic cycles.  You have unresolved trauma.  Usually an indicator is this person brings out the worst in you.  They tend to lower your frequency and even activate your shadow.  They will trigger your trauma, and latch on to it.  They made sure to get all your stories right to start so they would know how.  You may have experienced a lot of toxicity, codependency, or even covert abuse in the connection.  These are the ones that took everything you had, left you asking why, or in broken pieces.  This can be so confusing on a soul level.  These connections all started out amazing.  The karmic partner turned it on extra strong to date you to start.  This is why people get so confused.  These connections tend to actually get worse and worse.  They literally show you they don’t care about you.  Of course they feel comfortable to you though, or you wouldn’t be allowing this.  Karmic relationships are never meant to last.  Many of you have had multiple karmic partners in this lifetime.  Switching partners will never work til you do your own deep healing work.  This was an attempt for you to wake up and get it.  A lot of the time you’re left with a lot of negative feelings.  This can lead to creating more karmic cycles in your life.  Make sure you’re watching your thoughts and knowing negative ones create negative energies.  Negative energies create karma.  These always just come back to you.  It’s how these cycles are perpetuated.  Healing yourself and your karma helps to clear these type of contracts and even imprints.  Most of the time they are rooted in past lives.  This is why it’s so important that you’re also cutting cords with toxic people.  To break a pattern you have to do something different.  Often times the key is to work on yourself with yourself.  Thankfully the energies are getting too high for this stuff and are bringing these connections to the surface like never before.  You’re seeing, noticing, and feeling more.  The difference with a Twin Flame is they will activate and bring out the best in you.  Twin Flames share one one energy and chakra system.  This is why Twin Flames feel each others emotions and will match your same energy.  If you’re feeling good they should be too.  Twin Flames come together to heal that lifetime on Earth after clearing and completing any karmic contracts.  Often times the karmic is in the way of your Twin Flame Union and you’ll feel that.  This is why you’re being guided to clear any karma, and what awaits you on the other side.  Yes sometimes Twin Flames can carry karma together.  Usually however you won’t meet until you’re ready.  Twin Flame Union happens after you heal and master your own energy.  Twin Flames help to heal you and to raise your frequency to that of unconditional love.  It will just hit different.