An Energy Report…

This Mercury Retrograde is happening in Pisces.  It’s encouraging us to go deeper within the emotional.  This is not the best time to make any big decisions.  Instead take time to reflect on what’s going on within.  Many people have become to comfortable in tuning out their inner worlds.  It’s only through reprogramming the inner that we can create a new outer world.  Mercury Retrograde is meant to be a good thing.  It’s giving us a chance to process and release any negativity.  Remember that your reality is always a mirror.  You can not release a lesson without completing it.  Every experience is teaching you something.  While things may be surfacing from the past It’s not a good idea to contact past lovers or old friends.  It’s important that you see how far you have come.  If things are surfacing, it’s so you can view them from a new perspective.  This week we will be Shifting into Pisces Season.  This will take us deeper within the spiritual.  This is an amazing time to do some more healing.  We can go as deep as we wish on this journey.  This is a beautiful opportunity for us to release the blocks and programs that have been taking our power for many lifetimes.  Both the masculine and feminine will be feeling a pull to learn new things.  Many are daydreaming about travelling or building missions.  The next several months will continue to activate many things within.

If your looking for a level up check out our DNA activations.  It is very important that everyone is recoded to a minimum of 12 strands.

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