On The Energies…

Happy 8:8 Portal! It’s the peak of the Lions Gate Portal.  We are in a perfect alignment with the Galactic Center, Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, and Orion.  As the energies are flooding the Planet, we are receiving a huge influx of Galactic Energies.  These are huge energies for the chakras right now.  Your being made aware of any blocks.  The energies tend to amplify anything going on in your life.  Let the energies right now show you what to be working on.  We all have a lot of work coming up right now.  That’s why it will help you so much to be working with a Healer.  This is a Double Infinity Twin Flame Gateway.  We are seeing so many Twin Flames coming together like never before.  This is to help the Planet in raising the frequencies.  It’s also helping us to do the inner work.  Even if you have separated, or are separated your soul always finds its way back to this person.  It could be months, year, or even decades, but you always come back together.  It’s your literal destiny.  It always depends on the work that is needing to be done though.  Your always divinely connected and in fact sharing one energy.  That means any work your doing can help shift both of you back together.  If you are in a Twin Flame Union things may be coming to the surface within these energies.  The Lions Gate is helping to clear any emotional pain or emotional blocks.  This can feel painful but it’s meant to bring you into a Union, or deeper within the connection.  Twin Flames search for each other in every lifetime.  You are not guaranteed to meet every life.  This life the Ascension is making it possible for everyone though You may be feeling a deep pull to find your Twin Flame, or just sensing or knowing you have one.  This is also a powerful manifestation portal too.  It’s dubbed the luckiest day of the year, because it is! Stay positive because we are instant manifesting.  Focus on your dreams right now.  If you do you will see so many Miracles coming through.

On The Energies..

Happy 8:8 Portal! The Lion’s Gate Portal is opening in the sky.  The Earth is in a powerful direct alignment with the Galactic Center, Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, and Orion.  Orions Belt Is perfectly aligned with the Pyramids of Giza right now.  Your probably feeling the super charged energies that are flooding the Planet right now.  These high frequency energies are so amazing for doing activation or healing work.  The Light Codes of the Lions Gate Portal can help us so much with the ascension work that we are doing right now.  We have major shifts happening in and around relationships right now.  Major healing and clearing is happening within the heart chakra.  That means the energies may be bringing up old hurt or old wounds.  Sometimes old things we carry, or have a hard time letting go are the blocks.  There is a major heart chakra clearing and activation happening.  It’s time to surrender and release anything in the way of your heart fully opening.  It’s time to let the light fully in.  It’s the luckiest day of the year.  You can manifest anything right now.  Make sure your utilizing these high frequency energies.  Leo Season always brings supercharged solar energies.  As Sirius is moving closer to Earth we are receiving huge influxes of light, straight from Heaven.  These energies are to help us in bringing Heaven back to Earth.  Many are shifting into a 5D state of consciousness.  We can do that through doing the inner work to clear anything karmically holding us to the Old 3D Earth and through doing work to raise our vibration.