On The Energies…



We still have cracks open in the magnetic field from the Equinox.  The energies are going to continue to pour in this week!  We are expecting a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) today too! These are bursts of Plasma Energies coming from the Sun and our Central Sun.  This causes disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field.  The KP index measures these disturbances.  We are currently at a K4 index.  So things are quite active and there is a chance of some minor storms.  Why should we care? These encoded energies are full of Light Codes, that are so powerful they are changing our DNA.  They are changing not just our energy, but the energy of the entire planetary field.  We are going through some massive Ascension Upgrades.  This week will continue to bring some major DNA and Light Body Upgrades.  You may be experiencing dizziness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, nausea, stomach issues, flu like symptoms, anxiety, depression, increased sensitivity, ringing in the ears, aches and pains, or hearing or seeing things.  These energies can also affect our energy levels.  Yes, things are going to get more and more like a Sci Fi Movie around here.  The Veil is open right now between the physical and spiritual dimensions.  Many of you are experiencing sensing or seeing the spiritual, telepathy, reading and seeing different energies, extraterrestrial contact, communicating with different light beings, astral travel, and so much more.  It’s also Aries Season and a great time to work with or channel all of this Fire energy.  It’s about tapping into and channeling our inner warrior.  Old wounds and stories are coming up for clearing now.  It’s time to shift from that wounded healer to that healer archetype.  Pay attention to the things that are surfacing for healing now. A lot of our gifts lie in clearing, and better understanding our past.