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On The Energies…

We are at a K7 Index right now.  We have a strong G3 class Geomagnetic Storm going on now.  Last night a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field, which is reverberating from the impact.  Right now the Solar Winds are at the highest they have been in years.  A second CME may arrive later today.  This will only add to the energies.  Jupiter and Venus are shifting closer and closer.  3:2 we have a rare Venus and Jupiter Conjunction.  As they merge together in Aries they are connecting with Chiron and Vesta.  The 3:3 Portal is bringing some powerful energies.  During the 3:3 portal we have Venus Conjunct Chiron in Aries.  The 3:3 Portal is a major portal for healing any love related issues and for Twin Flame Union.  Healing blocks too, or in your Union.  3:11 we have Jupiter Conjunct Chiron.  This is one of the most important alignments of the year.  This is time to start something new or to go on that adventure.  Chiron will be triggering a lot of old wounds, and old collective wounds this month.  You may be feeling a lot of emotional energy throughout the collective, as many are awakening.  March is all about healing on a deeper level.  This month bring us the Equinox.  That means the energies are so high right now.  We are in Pisces Season until the Equinox.  Pisces helps us to Shift past the Winter Season.  It’s a cleansing month energetically.  Pisces Season takes us deeper into the dream world.  The veil will only get thinner as we move closer to the Equinox.  That means a lot is coming through.  You could be seeing things in your dreams, having encounters with the dead, seeing and sensing different energies, more clarity or a stronger connection with your spirit guides, opening up to the Galactics, becoming more and more telepathic, seeing more and more signs and synchronicity, or able to tap into the energies more.  A lot of those Winter Manifestations will be coming through or arriving with the Equinox.  You will be feeling extra magic in the air between now and then.

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On The Energies…

It’s a New Week and we are stepping into some Brand New Cosmic Energies.  The Blue Moon energies are still affecting us and we are still in a Retrograde Season.  Chiron is still Retrograde until December.  Virgo Season is really activating this placement and is encouraging you to clear the things blocking your path or blocking your manifesting.  It’s time to ditch the limiting beliefs and to detox.  Virgo Season is all about clearing any internal blocks and purifying.  It’s going to be the theme over the next month.  We can expect some sacred geometry in the sky tomorrow night.  We have a lot of Galactic Energies coming through and a lot of Lyran Energies.  The Lyra constellation is shaped like a parallelogram.  It forms the shape of a harp.  Each corner is made up of double stars.  It has a tail facing its brightest star Vega.  Vega is the North Star of the past and the future.  These energies are activating your Galactic DNA meant to awaken you to your Galactic past.  Our future is also looking very Galactic as we continue to adjust to the increase in Ascension Energies coming into the Planet.  The Sun is very active right now to.  We have another Solar Storm going on.  We have two, possible, CME’s approaching Earth now.  We can expect these energies to really shake up the Earth’s magnetic field and poles.  We are going to see a huge increase in the energies leading up until to Equinox.  These energies can affect your health and human consciousness.  If your feeling emotional right now, let whatever clear that is coming to the surface.  Doing some type of healing or energy work will help you so much with the process.  If your feeling Ascension Symptoms rest.  Really listen to your body right now.


On The Energies…

We are still in some powerful energies.  We are still going to be really feeling the effects of the Equinox energies, over the next few weeks.  During this time we can expect a huge amount of Plasma Solar Energies to continue to stream in.  Last night a CME made impact, hitting Earth’s magnetic field.  Right now we are all integrating a lot of Cosmic Energies.  These energies are packed full of Activation Codes that are Upgrading our DNA.  April will also bring some massive upgrades to the collective grids.  This is the best time, to really, come back into balance.  It’s also important that you have a plan and some goals set out for the rest of the year.  We have just entered into Aries Season.  Aries Season will bring a lot of very high frequency energies with it.  It’s about using this energy to make things happen.  April will bring a lot of powerful energy shifts.  This energy is meant to guide us into a better alignment.  That’s why this is the best time to come back into, or to find a deeper alignment.  This weekend’s Libra Full Moon is all about bringing things back into harmony and balance.  The energy the rest of this week is all about relationships.  The focus should be on your love life.  For some this could mean more clearing of the past, or anything blocking you from opening up more fully.  It’s a great time for working on or healing your personal relationships.  This is a powerful time to be clearing and healing with the Full Moon energies.  It’s also powerful for manifesting. Pay attention to any inspiration your receiving.  Your angels are sending you messages in the form of creative ideas.  We are in the last couple of days of the y-Normid Meteor Shower.  It’s still active til the 28th.  You may get lucky and see a Meteor or a Shooting Star this week.  That always adds to the magical vibes.

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