On The Energies…


Happy 4:4 Portal!  It’s the fourth day of the fourth month.  It’s also a major ascension portal as we are receiving lots of energies from our Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, the Pleiades, and Lyra today.  We are receiving a huge influx of Lyran Light Codes.  Today is a major activation day.  It’s also a major manifestation portal!  It’s all about what you want and your dreams and desires right now.  The rest of Aries Season is going to continue to bring some big energies.  You for sure want to be tapping in and using them to create.  This is an also an Angelic Gateway.  Expect extra Angel Numbers.  Pay attention to your intuition right now.  You’re being guided to purge the old out and to continue to move towards the new.  Expect a lot of high frequency energies. Expect breakthroughs and things coming through.  The 4:4 Portal is also a Twin Flame Gateway.  Expect it to bring positive relationship shifts.  The 4:4 Portal is great for clearing blocks and things holding you back.  The energies of the 4:4 Portal as very much getting us ready for Monday’s Eclipse.   Eclipses are powerful for aligning us with and shifting us towards our destiny and any destined connections.   

art: @mermaidzari