On The Energies…

Happy New Moon in Leo! We are also in a Retrograde Season.  This Summer gives us 7 Planets Retrograde.  That means you may still feel a little out of sorts.  Pluto is Retrograde until Oct 10th.  It’s helping us to clear old power struggles.  It’s meant to ultimately help you clear things and empower you.  Helping you to take back your power.  Saturn is Retrograde until Nov 4th.  It’s bringing up old karma to clear and heal.  It may be testing relationships.  Neptune is Retrograde until Dec 6th.  Watch out for old narratives.  What we tell ourselves becomes our story and our reality.  Venus is Retrograde until Sept 3rd.  It’s bringing up old love wounds.  Expect a lot of healing and shifts around love and finances.  Mercury is in a Retroshade now, and will be Retrograde from August 23- Sept 15th.  It’s bringing the past back.  You may need to go back to heal things from past relationships.  Uranus is in a Retroshade now, and will be Retrograde August 28th- Jan 27th 2024.  Expect major growth and change during this time.  Jupiter will shift Retrograde Sep 4th – Dec 30th.  This will be helping us to better plan out the moves that we are making.  Helping us to lay down and plan the path ahead.  This is a period of deep inner work we are in until the Autumn Equinox.  Tonight’s Leo New Moon is an amazing time to be putting your intentions out there, and to be manifesting and healing with.  Expect big energies as we are exactly a week away from shifting into Virgo Season.

art: @shinewonderland

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