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On The Energies…

We have 6 Planets Retrogrades this month.  That may feel like things are moving funny, or your being guided to slow down.  More then half the sky is retrograde at the same time, and during the Equinox.  Here is your Retrograde Season Survival Manual.  Uranus is Retrograde until Jan 22, 2023.  It’s happening in the sign of Taurus the Bull, home of the Pleiades.  This is a powerful time for making big shifts.  Expect breakdowns and breakthroughs.  Uranus is all about changing the world and breaking through reality.  This is shifting things with money, and our systems of money.  It’s all about the changes we need to make in our lives, moving forward.  Jupiter is Retrograde until Nov 23rd.  This Jupiter Retrograde is going to be in Aries and Pisces.  Jupiter is in Aries now.  It will shift into Pisces Oct 28th.  Jupiter is a huge magnifier of energies.  In a good way.  It can shift your luck, and even fortune in life.  Jupiter Retrograde is a time of deep spiritual growth.  It’s a time to go within so you can connect with your inner truth.  It helps to activate your destiny or soul purpose.  It will help you in seeing the big picture.  Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces until Dec 3rd.  Be prepared to continue your swim in the deep end of the ocean.  This is helping us to see through things in a deeper level.  Trust your intuition right now.  Saturn is Retrograde in Aquarius until Oct 23rd.  This is all about clearing karma and karmic connections, and getting real with our boundaries.  Boundaries are there to protect your energy.  They are so important right now.  Your meant to be clearing anything not for you right now.  We have Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn until Oct 8th.  This means we are going through a huge transformation.  We move into the Underworld.  That means you need to use this time to address any ways your blocking, sabotaging, or getting in the way of yourself.  Time to work on your own toxic, negative patterns, and beliefs.  The Comet Chiron is Retrograde until Dec 23rd.  This means a deep clearing of any emotional baggage, or unresolved trauma your still carrying.  We will be doing deep digging around in the past and healing during this transit.  The root of your traumas may be coming up, to mind, or back around.  Expect some major heart chakra healing, and clearing of old blocks.  We have Mercury in Retrograde.  That means it’s time to rest, recharge, and restore your energy.  Time to re-access how your taking care of yourself.

On The Energies…

We had three planets shift retrograde this week.  Many have been feeling the effects of Saturn retrograde, Venus retrograde, and Jupiter retrograde.  Retrogrades are not meant to be a negative thing.  They help us reflect and release on deeper levels.  This Retrograde Season will be bringing up issues from the past.  It’s time to let go once and for all.  This Retrograde Season May be felt a little extra.  Venus is an inner planet, which will be felt most intensely.  Inner planets tend to affect our everyday lives more.  Saturn and Jupiter are outer planets.  The outer planets tend to affect our future paths.  Many may think Venus retrograde is shaking up their love lives.  It’s actually not, it’s helping you view some of your own issues that have been blocking your relationships.  The shift in energies is meant to show you what you should be working on.  We are going to continue to open up to deeper levels with love.  The more we heal and let go of the lighter we become.  Next week we will shift into Gemini Season.  While we are wrapping up Taurus Season it’s important that we are using these energies.  They are powerful for healing the body, uplifting out financial situation, or just taking more time to enjoy things.  This is an excellent time to be decluttering or cleaning things up.  It’s a powerful time to be working with the senses.  You should be feeling extra tuned in to yourself with these energies.

On The Ascension Energies..

We have a chance to reflect on choosing a new path with these energies.  Retrogrades are to assist you with clearing any karmic lessons and in releasing any negative programming patterns.  This is one of this years heaviest retrogrades.  Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Chiron continue to move backwards.  It’s time to clear your energy.  The purifying continues as your moved to higher timelines.  These incoming energies are giving you a chance to release more.  The things you carry unconsciously have become attached to your energy.  The things we refuse to heal become the things blocking us from love.  Let go of the things that have become toxic for you.  This is about releasing old aspects to create something new.  People are being shifted out of your life.  We have a huge emphasis on your inner child the rest of this week.  This is a relationship we must heal.  It’s a good time to spend some time going within, play, have fun.  By the end of the week these retrogrades should have brought you some clarity as to what lessons you should be working on.