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On The Energies…

We have the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Cancer today.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon that makes each most at home in these signs.  Today is a very high energy day.  These energies are encouraging you to slow down.  We are now integrating some of the lessons we learned last month while we were in Cancer Season.  It’s a great time to focus on your home, family, and self care.  It’s a great time to make sure your house is clean and organised, or to be doing some energy work, or extra clearing.  We are making really big shifts right now.  This weekend brings the peak of the Lions Gate Portal, and a Leo New Moon.  The Lions Gate Portal reaches its peak and it’s strongest on 8/8.  The 8/8 Portal is activated when our Central Sun, Sirius, our Sun, and Orion all align, with the energies of our Earth.  This is going to bring through a lot of high frequency energies.  During the next few weeks we are going to be integrating new light codes, and going through a lot of DNA activation.  The 8th day of the 8th month also brings us a Leo New Moon alongside the rising of Sirius.  This Leo New Moon will encourage you to align with what you love.  It’s encouraging you to go deeper and to connect more fully in your relationships.  We can connect with these energies to open and activate our heart chakra more fully.  This month also will bring a Blue Moon in Aquarius August 22nd.  This will close the portal between the pair of Aquarius Full Moons we are in.  It also will Shift us into Virgo Season.  While we are in the rest of Leo Season it’s a great time to be working on your solar plexus.  You can use these energies for some extra confidence or to rewrite your story.  These energies can help you find your shine, so you can step into your role as a star.  This is a great time to be of service and helping others.  These energies are probably showing you ways that you can be doing that.

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On The Energies…

There a lot of high frequency energies continuing to stream in.  A lot of this is energy coming straight from the Central Sun at the center of our Universe.  We have had 11 Solar Flares today adding to the excitement.  These energies are to prepare us for the Lions Gate Portal which opens July 26th.  Today we are feeling the Energies and the DNA activations coming in with them.  You may be feeling a little floaty, dizzy, tired, sore, headaches, or even hearing buzzing or ringing in your ears.  We are adjusting to these energies in a big way, and on a Planetary level.  We have third eye activations in progress.  A lot of you are having your clairvoyant gifts and even telepathy activated.  You may just be feeling more psychic, or tuning into a deeper knowing about things.  Many of you are experiencing an increase in synchronicity.  You should be able to manifest anything you need in Divine Timing.  You may be experiencing an increase in lucid dreams or even astral travel.  Our bodies are beginning to change, many of you are crystallising. It’s important that we are becoming lighter and vibrating higher.  We have a lot of changes we will need to make as we continue to move forward with the ascension process.  Eating lighter foods will help, and detoxing.  We should be detoxing not just physically, but spiritually.  There is much healing that needs to continue to happen.  Let go of the heavy things you have been carrying.  Allow these Energies to fully Heal you.  Next week, July 22 our Sun will leave Cancer and will Shift into Leo.  Expect sparks to fly in relationships and for it to bring new beginnings to love.

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We Are Meditating Thursday…

We are come together for another live guided meditation Thursday, January 28th.  We have a Full Moon in Leo.  This Moon can really empower you, if you let it.  It’s very important that we are using the energy from these alignments.  This is a meditation, but also deep activation work.  This meditation will be at 5pm UK time.  Once you sign up you will be emailed, access to a private Facebook group to be a part of the live transmission, or you can always watch the replay.


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