On The Energies…

Today is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Expect intense energies and upgrades.  Your body may be calling you to rest as we get ready to move through the peak of the Lions Gate Portal.  Tuesday is the 8:8 Portal which is the peak of the Lions Gate Portal.  During the 8:8 our Central Sun, Sun, Orion’s Belt, and Sirius all align with the Earth.  Our Planet is flooded with lots of high vibrational energies and light codes.  On Aug 13th Venus Retrograde and our Leo Sun will merge together creating a Venus Star Point.  This Solar Conjunction will bring huge energies for your love life.  Venus is Retrograde until Sept 3rd.  Until she shifts direct you probably are moving backwards, or not really getting anywhere in matters of love.  This is a healing taking place.  When Venus slows down like this, it’s a chance for you to reflect on your love life.  This is a very powerful time for Twin Flames and for old Flames.  Venus Retrograde has a deep influence and a deep impact on all relationships, especially between Soulmates and Twin Flames.  During Venus Retrograde, the Twin Flame mirror effect intensifies between Flames.  This brings up any attachments to other people, deeper karmic patterns, past life wounds, and childhood experiences that may be affecting the connection.  These energies are requiring us to do a lot of deep inner work, and a lot of healing work.  The are encouraging us to clear the deeper blocks so we can open up to Divine Union.  That makes the next few weeks all about healing your love life, and releasing past wounds.  We have a huge focus on heart chakra healing, and activation right now.

art: @yana.potter.art

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