On The Energies…

2020 has been a powerful year for the collective.  We still have a lot of work to do as we wrap the year up.  We have a lot happening in one place and have entered into one of the the harder phases of this ascension process.  We are going to see a massive increase in energy as we prepare to enter 2021.  We may have shifted into a solar minimum, but we are going to see an increase in cosmic rays.  The Sun’s magnetic field has been weakening which has been allowing more cosmic rays into the solar system.  We also have the Earth’s magnetic field weakening from all of these energies.  This is letting more and more space radiation through.  A lot of these energies are coming from other galaxies.  We can expect this energy to keep coming in wave after wave more and more intense.  These ascension energies are activating and upgrading our DNA.  We know from some of our favourite comics and movies that exposure to these solar winds and cosmic rays can mutate our DNA.  These energies are going to bring about a powerful transformation.  As we are going through these energies and receiving more and more light codes we are seeing an increase in physical ascension symptoms.  These are some intense energies hitting the entire planet and may have not yet woken up to this process.  It’s very important that your putting this ascension and you’re self first at this point.  We are preparing to go through Saturday’s 10:10 Portal.  10:10 will prepare us for 11:11.  11:11 will lead us into Eclipse Season.  The energy will continue to rise until then.  We can expect some deep healing to take place over the next several months.  Expect a ton of activations.  We really are in the process of anchoring these light codes into the New Earth.  Today we also have Mars having it’s close encounter with the Earth.  Mars will be shining three times brighter then Sirius.  A lot of people have been feeling the effects of this energy as it’s been pushing us to clear more within the masculine templates.  If you have a lot of Aries or even fire in your chart you may be really feeling it.

We are doing a meditation Saturday for the 10:10 Portal.  Make sure you join us!