On The Energies…

This weekend is an amazing time to rest and integrate the upgrades.  We are in big energies for manifesting right now.  2023 really is your year to make your dreams happen.  It’s all about what is coming up for you right now that may need healing.  Everyone is working through their own unique experiences.  We have so much coming up though.  This is to get you to work on your healing more.  We have a Leo Full Moon tomorrow.  This is the Snow Moon, Eagle Moon, Bear Moon, or Raccoon Moon.  This Moon Aligns with Venus, which will be square with Mars.  That may make this Moon emotional for some.  This alignment can help you to manifest new love, or to heal and spark up an existing relationship.  These are powerful energies to help us see things better.  Avoid drama right now.  Especially other peoples.  Those that have signs in Leo are here to heal their deep inner child wounds.  It’s a great time to be clearing the energies of the past and to be doing heart chakra work.  It’s an also a great time for starting new projects, daydreaming about and planning your future, journaling, healing, and doing energy work.  Leo is a fire sign so it’s an amazing time to be working with candles.  It’s a great time to do a Moon Bath.  Salt baths are amazing way to detox your energy and aura.

art: @raw_beauty_content

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