On The Energies…

We had a solar flare hit us last week that was one of the most powerful flares since last year.  These flares are kicking a ton of energy towards our Planet.  Last week’s flare was a X1.2 class.  X-class solar flares put out the most powerful bursts of radiation known to humanity.  The energies are only going to continue to amp up too.  We have a high chance that the flares will continue today.  We have an unstable Sunspot facing Earth right now, which isn’t exactly done.   Another X Flare is predicted to kick off our way today.  It’s a great time for these manifestations.   You should have a nice plan, some huge goals for this year.  We have put in so much work to get to this place.  2023 is opening new cycles and opening the door to bigger manifestations.  Self care is so important right now.  We are purging out many lifetimes of traumas, and moving through so many layers of healing within these energies.  Everything may be coming up for you then right now.  It’s so important to be focused on healing right now.  Make sure really taking care of your own energy.  Doing energy work will help so much.  We are also in a Lyran Gateway.  Back on 1:1 a Lyran Gateway opened.  We are going to really be feeling these Stargate energies peak for 1:11.  That means major incoming Lyran Lightcodes, and major DNA activations going on.  Expect major shifts as we move through the 1:11 Portal.  That means the next couple of days are so important.  They have the potential to speed up things for you so much.

art: @hey.glittery

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