On The Energies…

Wednesday’s Gemini Full Moon is helping us do a massive ascension clearing.  You may feel things aren’t going your way or as planned.  It’s important that your having patience right now.  This Moon is aligned with Mars.  The Moon and Mars Retrograde are both at 16 degrees Gemini.  When two planets are at the same degree, and are in the same sign it’s a conjunction.  Conjunctions symbolize new beginnings.  Passion and emotions may be at an all time high.  This means the Divine Masculine is feeling these energies big time.  Dec 8th the Sun will also make an exact opposition with Mars Retrograde.  Oppositions symbolize a release.  This will be a powerful time to let it all go.  This is the last Full Moon of the year.  It’s stirring up the past, and past baggage.  It’s helping us to bring clarity to the bigger blocks coming up for release.  Gemini is the sign of Twin Flames.  Many who have Gemini in their chart will come into Union ultimately.  I understand how it’s one soul in two bodies because of you do experience separation it feels like your soul is ripped physically in half.  Know this is only something that could be experienced here on Earth.  If you are in a separation have faith that you’ll find out if you’re actually destined for this person ultimately.  Separation triggers the same core wounds and fears for both flames.  That’s because these connections are more about healing and spiritual growth.  Twin flame connections can be very intense, and that can heighten emotions.  While Twin Flames may pull away it’s important to know the difference between that and narcissistic abandonment or total ghosting.  Your Divine Partner would never just up and do that to you.  At no point should your twin flame be totally ignoring you, and if they are and can do that then they probably ultimately just aren’t the One for you.  These are dramatic energies right now.  They may have you overthinking.  If you need clarity allow these energies to help you figure your path out.  As we approach the Winter Equinox the nights will keep getting longer.  Expect the energies to continue to amp up as we pass through the 12:12 Portal and the Solstice Gateway.

art: @hey.glittery

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