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On The Energies…

Right now we are in an Aldebaran Solar Portal.  Aldebaran is aligned with the Sun from the 29th to the 31st.  Aldebaran is in conjunction with the Sun every year on June 1st.  Aldebaran is a pale rose star, and the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus.  There are 4 Royal Stars.  The 4 horsemen.  They make up a Cosmic Cross.  ALDEBARAN- Taurus’s Eye, Spring Equinox, Watcher of the East, Archangel Michael.  REGULUS- Heart of Leo, Summer Solstice, Watcher of the North, Archangel Raphael.  ANTARES- Heart of Scorpio, Autumn Equinox, Watcher of the West, Archangel Uriel.  FOMALHAUT- Aquarius, Winter Solstice, Watcher of the South, Archangel Gabriel.  Aldebaran brings us a warrior, and protector kind of vibe.  These are Indigo/ Angelic Energies.  Right now these energies are bringing us a lot of upgrades.  Aldebaran helps us to open up our mind.  We can expect third eye activations over the next few days.  For some you may have old anxieties coming up.  Monday we have a New Moon in Gemini.  It’s bringing us lots of New Energies.  These energies may be ungrounding for some.  That’s why now is a good time to be relaxing and working towards your goals.  These are amazing energies for manifesting and setting new intentions.

New Moon In Gemini Energy…

Stay focused on manifesting right now.  We are seeding our intent with this Gemini New Moon energy.  To create the New Earth it will take more practice.  The dimensions are changing and so are the dynamics.  It’s very important that your staying focused on things your trying to create.  Too many people are still thinking from places of fear or negativity.  The collective will not fully shift until there is more mastery of the mind.  This has always been your greatest test.  To put what you have learned into practice.  It’s time you create something better with your knowing.  The start of anything great begins with alignment.  As we are going through the greatest recalibration energetically ever attempted, make sure your taking care of your own energy.

If your feeling out of alignment or blocked I would highly recommend a clearing.

Incoming Energies..

June will be preparing us to enter Eclipse season.  We have a New Moon in Gemini on Monday.  It’s now time to plant your intent.  It’s also important that we see things for what they are, an expansion on every level.  We have the Gemini constellation colliding with the Taurus constellation right now.  Because this New Moon is close to the star Aldebaran, in the Eye of the Bull it’s a very powerful energy for manifesting.  This New Moon is reminding us to be careful with our words.  We need them to be in alignment with the things we want to create.  This energy is doing a sweep of our throat chakra encouraging us to open up to our full potential.  We have a lot of cosmic energies and solar winds hitting the Planet right now.  These energies will continue to intensify, creating a gateway, or a peak around Friday.  Many energetic shifts are occurring.