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Shifting Into Gemini..

We have lots of important transits astrologically this week.  We are shifting into the element of air with Gemini.  We have a huge focus on the throat chakra.  While this is a lesson in communication, it’s also very important you are in alignment with who you are spiritually.  Your throat chakra is a connection to your higher self.  Through working on this chakra you open yourself up to higher connections.  Things are about to speed up for us.  There is a huge focus now on the mind.  We have been destroying and limiting ourselves for far to long.  You should be figuring out that this is a manifest reality and this is all a creation based on your design.  It’s time to uplift your mind.  Your reality is made out of whatever your putting into it.  The things you see become your subconscious programming.  We have more inner blocks to resolve.  These issues are what we are allowing to limit us from creating our dream lives.  Uranus will make it possible for us to change our destiny on the 25th.  Now is time to focus on bigger manifestations.

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Neptune Direct

Get ready for the ultimate breakdown in programming.  Neptune is shifting out of Retrograde and is pushing against Mercury.  Many energetic dynamics are challenging any 3d programming.  There is an emphasis of clearing the things blocking us from love.  The labels being used in relationships whether the narcissist or twin flame are examples of manifesting on these programs.  The goal is to create in Oneness.  These are programs running that are blocking humanity from Unity.  Ego programming not allowing you to see your Oneness in all.  Templates cutting you off from your Divinity.  Get ready for an entire system dismantle.  Expect to purge any subconscious emotions your holding on to with this energy.  This Gemini Full Moon is pushing us to transcend this duality occurring within ourselves.  As Neptune goes direct it’s pulling you out of this dream state.  Reality should be setting in.  Too many people are expecting to bring their 3d baggage into the higher dimensions.  This energetic debris is your biggest obstacle making this ascension.  You can not clear these things with logic.  This is an energetic reprogramming that must occur.  There is a tug of war occurring between your soul and ego.  This energy is meant to shift you back into that soul state.  There are many energies hitting this Planet recharging our grids.  Take advantage of this.  Your focus needs to be on manifesting the new you.  

Getting Ready For The Full Moon In Retrograde

We have a lot going on astrologically. We have Mercury Retrograde and a Full Moon hitting is The 3rd, we are approaching the shadow of this storm. The retrograde ends December 22nd. We are in the first space storm, it will pick up intensity until the 7th. We approach another storm from the 10th-28th. This retrograde will make lots of things problematic. Mercury retrograde can disrupt technology and other things. Sagittarius rules flight, higher learning, and legal issues, as well as religion. This can cause all sort of accidents or disruptions. We know there are no coincidences. Gemini rules communication. Full Moons are highly charged emotional energy so things could get complicated. Just the usual volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, false flags, and protests, but with a high probability of increased disasters. I’m predicting the roughest month of the year in terms of seismic activity, so stay grounded!


Full Moon In Gemini December 14, 2016


We are about to have a full moon December 14th in Gemini. This is a powerful moon position. The Gemini has two T crosses that represent long running astrological themes. We also have one T cross caused by Jupiter in Libra. We also have a T cross with Uranus and Pluto. We have the Sagittarius Sun conjunction and Saturn opposing the Gemini Moon and it also squares Chiron in Pisces. This is a good time too assess if we are using our power wisely. Don’t let anyone make you feel helpless, you are responsible for anything that happens in your life. Chiron is helping us heal old wounds through spiritual means. There is an issue with this though, the moon is in Gemini. This causes people to bounce back and forth and to feel extremes. Get ready to be distracted. On the positive side this moon is lovely and social so you are drawing like minded people. Venus is in Aquarius so you are seeing the Divine feminine breaking out of the box society has had them in for so long. Embrace your inner goddess. This transformation comes with spiritual forces. This has been in the making since we had the Saturn-Neptune square this summer. We are experiencing awakening and ascension first hand. A lot of empathic people are getting excited about the events that will be unfolding. Humanity is venturing into the unknown. We have gained the gifts of maturity and wisdom but in doing this we must let go of the notion of suffering. We need to remember to laugh and have fun. We can either look back on our year and laugh or we can cry, that’s all of our free will, we choose our own perspective. We need laughter to heal.