On The Energies…

4:22:2022.  Tomorrow is a powerful Lyran Portal! It’s also the peak of the Lyrids Meteor Shower.  It’s going to kick off a very Galactic Weekend of Energies.  Let’s just say things are kicking off with the Sun.  We have had like over 20 solar flares coming at us this week.  We are all adjusting to these Ascension Energies.  They are changing your energy and frequency.  Tomorrow’s Lyran Portal opens a Stargate from Earth to Lyra.  These are amazing energies to be healing and doing activation work with.  All of humanity are Starseeds.  That’s why it’s so important that we are connecting on a deeper level with where we come from.  It’s an amazing time to be tapping into your Starseed Origins.  Many of you came to Earth from different star systems.  That means that you carry keys and codes from these places.  That’s why it’s so important that your doing the activation work.  Tomorrow also happens to be Earth Day The entire collective is being reminded that you have been at this very place before.  You chose to be here, as a means for us to come together to create a better future for the Planet.  We have also shifted into Taurus Season.  Taurus is an Earth sign and connects to all things material.  It’s a sign that loves structure and stability.  It’s also one of the more powerful elements for manifesting.  We are going to be feeling the Venus energy.  Venus is the Planet of desire and beauty.  Expect these energies to influence your love life.  Taurus is a touchy feely sign.  They can sense the energies on a deep level.  They will pick up on something if it doesn’t feel right.  All about the deeper senses right now and how your relationships are making you feel.  Taurus has an intense magnetism that we can be tapping into.  The energies will feel slow and steady, but this Taurus Season is going to bring huge changes.  Our New Moon in Taurus the 30th,  is also a Partial Solar Eclipse.  These energies will be bringing your finances up.  If your feeling you need healing in this area, these are the energies, they are amazing for that.  Feeling extra abundant, then it’s time to do something bigger then yourself.

art: @kokeeneva

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