Incoming Light Body Activations…

There is a lot of Energy that’s going to continue to pour in.  This entire planet is attempting something never done before.  To Ascend an entire planet into higher dimensions.  Your Frequency is going up as the Earth’s is continuing to.  We are being flooded with Cosmic Energies.  While the energy may feel intense, we are holding more light and our Light Body, or Merkabah, is activating.  This year, this Spiritual Awakening, is going to be processed physically as we continue to go through a massive series of Activations and Upgrades.  You may be feeling Ascension Symptoms as your body is integrating this process.  Some people also call this Ascension Flu or Light Body Flu.  Everyone is different, but you may be experiencing flu like symptoms, vomiting, nausea, stomach issues, fever, headaches, aches and pains, skin issues, rashes, anxiety, stressed out, shaky, dizzy, irritable, tired, feeling disoriented, heart palpitations, vertigo, electrical zaps, tooth pain, sleep issues like not sleeping or waking up at certain hours, or even vivid dreams.  These symptoms can come and go throughout the process.  We are all experiencing some degree of purging.  We are clearing and releasing old energies.  These waves of energy are bringing up any toxins, negativity, or karma to be cleared.  That’s why it’s very important that your taking good care of yourself.  Things like energy work, detoxing, meditation, and more rest will really help you with this process.  We all have a lot we are trying to process so most importantly try to be nicer to people.  Try not to take things personally if people are irritable or a little extra.  As your body is being rewired you may even feel homesick or missing your home of the higher dimensions.  You may feel like you want to leave this planet.  You’ll probably begin to receive messages from angels, galactics, spirit guides, or your loved ones in the other realm.  Pay attention to any guidance that your receiving.  It’s meant to guide you through this process of Ascension.

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