Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer…

This week will be powerful astrologically.  We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this week and Uranus shifts direct.  There is a lot of old programming being released.  A lot of these blockages are now coming into your conscious awareness.  We have a theme this year of taking responsibility for ourselves.  We can only heal what we have become aware of.  This Full Moon in Cancer, which is also a Lunar Eclipse, will provide a powerful energetic reset.  It’s also pushing us to further heal the feminine.  Many are feeling frustrated in these energies.  It’s important that we are not taking other people’s emotions personally.  The element of Cancer tends to bring up some heavy emotions.  There is a lot of purging that is occurring collectively.  This Eclipse will assist us in removing anything blocking our paths.  Uranus also shifts direct on the 10th.  On January 12th Saturn will meet Pluto.  This conjunction will help tear down the constructs of the old.  A new reality is emerging.  Many are still feeling the effects of the last Eclipse.  Eclipses always come in pairs and this Eclipse will bring some closure.  We are also stepping into much higher frequencies and we are integrating a lot of energies.  Use this time to reflect on the healing progress you have made since last summer.  Is there programming that has been blocking your progress or your path? How have you been holding yourself back? Is there more I can be releasing? It’s time to go deeper.  Only in releasing the old can we step into the new.

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