Being Service-To-Others

What things will come down to is if your service-to-self or service-to-others. When you are service-to-self this will give you a negative polarity, hence why you see so much negativity. The greatest service anyone can ever provide is to offer yourself to the Creator. We should all be seeking unity with the creator, and we do this by being service-to-others. When we are one with all of creation we become one with intelligent infinity. When we follow this path new opportunities to help others will be presented. This all really is all very individualized, and a lot of this correlates with the body’s Chakra system. Some of us those that have mastered this requirement are healers, workers, or teachers. The best way to be service-to-others is to share your love with others in some way. This will involve self-knowledge and enlightenment. Since we are all One when you help someone else your actually helping yourself. It is necessary for everyone to incarnate into the physical body, and to become of a positive polarity. In the other realm everyone is aware, there is no deception. That’s why we learn much more here. We must loose our memories and do this here. Remember eventually everyone has to have a positive polarity or be destroyed eventually.