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Love That Liberates


Love that liberates

When we can come together in balance we can create true liberation.  It’s only in achieving a balance and unison between the divine masculine and divine feminine that we can come into our true power.  In dividing these elements and wounding aspects of them humanity lost its true power.  In keeping us separate they divided our energies.  This is to become a time of balance.  Only in each rising into their power could both aspects even be ready to merge in all levels.  Humanity had to heal to a point to be ready for an energetic love.  We move out of this physical concept of love and into the future, as a service to humanity.  Only in love can we create.  In taking away love they took away our ability to create.  As we step into our remembered power as creators, love must equally rise again.  Any creative energy is one in the same as love.  As we create, we open our heart chakras, creating a chain reaction of love and liberation.  Only in manifesting a love in alignment with our soul missions can we understand our true creative potentials.

Empathy And Compassion

Empathy And CompassionThis energy is a good time for you to realize you may be at a place where you should be requesting more Galactic assistance.  It may feel like your alone, or isolated, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If people could realize the interconnectedness of everything they might show more compassion. This New Moon energy in Pisces is all about empathy and compassion.  A lot of people are not able to handle all of the emotions and feeling rising to the surface.  Any internal purging is to make at for more light, and the end result is always purification.  Ask your guides and angels for more assistance.  There are certain rules with free will, so we need to be more clear with what we need or want.  If your feeling the need to run from anything, I suggest never running away.  We should only ever run to something. Use more discernment during these times.  I know a lot of people are comfortable with the way things are.  Many things are about to crumble, and these effects will and are effecting all of humanity.  Only in destruction can we have creation.  Let go of that need to plan what is going to happen in your life.  Pisces represents duality and surrender.


My twin flame and I are fighting a lot right now, the entire world together. We understand our roles in all of this, and we embrace those warrior roles. As lightworkers we are all being Divinely led and we are all right where we should be, and with who we should be, at all times. Sometimes we have to fight for what we love in all of this. We are all being upgraded right now so that we can all make this Ascension in perfect Divine timing according to this Divine plan. We have reached a point where darkness can no longer exist. We are becoming to bright and where there is light darkness dissipates. Sometimes we feel far away from our soul group, but I assure you that we are all deeply connected. We must break this illusion of separateness. That is why just as my twin flame and I are merging back into Oneness, we are to do that with each of you.

Soul Contracts

Let’s talk about my experience with soul contracts. This is an area that I’m especially knowledgeable with now. I incarnated into this planet with my twin flame, this is the hardest mission we will ever have. I had many soul contracts with many people this life. We choose our entire lives before we come here. We make contracts so to ensure that we end up with the right people at the right time. A lot of these contracts are centered around clearing up karma from past lives. You can actually learn to assess your soul contracts so that you can reassess them while you are here. I personally have cleared any karmic ties holding me here. I only have one contract left that I am working on and it’s a contract with my twin flame to have two kids when we reach the new earth. Well we have renegotiated all of our soul contracts and have decided to wrap ourselves up in contracts infinitely so ensure we can continue to learn in higher dimensions together. You are all so powerful, take control of your own lives, it’s amazing!

Being Service-To-Others

What things will come down to is if your service-to-self or service-to-others. When you are service-to-self this will give you a negative polarity, hence why you see so much negativity. The greatest service anyone can ever provide is to offer yourself to the Creator. We should all be seeking unity with the creator, and we do this by being service-to-others. When we are one with all of creation we become one with intelligent infinity. When we follow this path new opportunities to help others will be presented. This all really is all very individualized, and a lot of this correlates with the body’s Chakra system. Some of us those that have mastered this requirement are healers, workers, or teachers. The best way to be service-to-others is to share your love with others in some way. This will involve self-knowledge and enlightenment. Since we are all One when you help someone else your actually helping yourself. It is necessary for everyone to incarnate into the physical body, and to become of a positive polarity. In the other realm everyone is aware, there is no deception. That’s why we learn much more here. We must loose our memories and do this here. Remember eventually everyone has to have a positive polarity or be destroyed eventually.

The Threefold Flame…

The threefold flame is within our heart chakra, this is our Divine spark. This is referred to as the inner Christ or inner Buddha. Heart surgeons can not see this invisible compartment in everyone’s heart, but they know it exists. We each have a secret chamber in our heart. Each flames plume represents love, wisdom, and power. This Divine spark leads to immortality. The heart chakra is our link to Divinity. That I AM presence placed a flame in all of us, that is the essence of itself. This flame is the essence of God. Our body’s are holy temples, and each of us is working on these plumes. The goal is to have each plum the same length and in perfect balance. These flames are the holy trinity expressing itself in the material form. These colors can be correlated to many religions notions. The energy with the blue plume is said to relate to the father, the yellow plume to the son, and the pink plum to the Holy Spirit. They also correspond to the fact that we are mind-body-soul complexes. The actual meanings to these flames is power, wisdom, and love. The blue plume represents power. It’s the desire of the soul to do the will of God. The yellow plume represents wisdom, it’s about illumination and the right use of the knowledge of the Laws. The pink plume represents love and compassion, this is the essence of God.