Polarity is an interesting concept. I want to discuss the two forces known as light and dark. There have been struggles against these two polarities from the beginning of creation. Light is a force that expands consciousness. Light is the force that eventually wakes up someone to a complete understanding of oneself and their true identity. The light attempts to make things known. Light is truth. The dark force is the one that attempts to shut down consciousness. Dark is constantly trying to keep humanity in ignorance, this involves shutting down knowledge. This duality is actually just the grand design of the created. This polarity is needed so people can learn and evolve. Creation is actually Oneness. Duality is actually a sophisticated illusion, it’s not real. It’s this perceived separateness that causes this to happen in a more extreme way. We are all aspects of the Divine, so that the Divine can experience itself. This is how we experience that Oneness. Please remember that there is no light without dark, or good without evil. This is just the dance of creation.