We all chose to incarnate during this time to finish what we started. We are creating a new paradigm, or ushering in a Golden Age. We are leaving a time of conflict and chaos. We are excited about this next phase of evolution! We are breaking down the limitations of the 3D control system, and getting rid of the outdated fear based reptile programming that went with it. We have come to realize that the only limitations we have are ones we placed on ourselves. Everyday we are making amazing progress! Our awareness and consciousness is expanding. There are those that have come to realize that we are One with everything and everyone so to have war is to fight with ourselves. This concept doesn’t even make sense. This notion stems from having been indoctrinated into separateness. We believed the illusion was real. There are those that are of light and dark spreading knowledge, this is how you develop your intuition. Use your discernment. Entire systems are collapsing. Anything that isn’t serving us must go. Not everyone will make this ascension, a certain level of purity is needed. These protests are happening as a public display of atrocious human right violations for the world to see. We are now seeing big things being disclosed. Disclosure would be a compilation of secrets spilling over from various government and institutions who have have been covering up massive events for decades. These range from covering up the existence of extraterrestrials to the elites plan of genocide and enslavement of the population. We basically have to peel away this illusion for humanity. This is how we create this new world.