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My twin flame and I are fighting a lot right now, the entire world together. We understand our roles in all of this, and we embrace those warrior roles. As lightworkers we are all being Divinely led and we are all right where we should be, and with who we should be, at all times. Sometimes we have to fight for what we love in all of this. We are all being upgraded right now so that we can all make this Ascension in perfect Divine timing according to this Divine plan. We have reached a point where darkness can no longer exist. We are becoming to bright and where there is light darkness dissipates. Sometimes we feel far away from our soul group, but I assure you that we are all deeply connected. We must break this illusion of separateness. That is why just as my twin flame and I are merging back into Oneness, we are to do that with each of you.

Balancing The Yin and Yang

Men use more logic, and woman rely mostly on intuition. Men use the left side of their brains, and woman use the right side. The truth is we need balance in both these aspects. Our society today is indoctrinating people with all left brained activities. We are working on getting rid of any lower frequencies on a planetary level, from microcosmic to macrocosmic. Everyone’s chakras need to be open and in harmony with the higher frequencies of light and love. We are all here to balance the male and female energies of twin flame union. This is a balancing process, we begin by balancing ourselves. When we are in harmony with ourselves we can reunite and come into balance with your twin. This is the God and Goddess coming together and merging there love into Sacred Marriage. We must find a balance to logic and intuition. We are all equal, no one is ever above another. The goal is peace, love, and harmony.

Who Is God?

Someone just asked me to describe the concept of God. As you see many religions have tried to describe this concept, in fact entire religious books have been written trying to express the meaning of God. What you are seeking is a Source energy. The entire Universe is made up of this energy. It makes up everyone and everything. It is intelligent infinity.
Maybe we should go back to how people were actually made. This planet was seeded by extraterrestrials, they made people, and are our Guardians. That is why I dislike the word God, because it reminds me of Egypt. In Egypt they came to teach the people, but to their dismay these people worshipped them as Gods. This altered our entire history. This is why I prefer words such as the Creator, Elohim, or The Divine. If your looking outside of yourself for God, you won’t find it. It’s a Source energy you seek and it’s within you and within everyone. So if you want to find God you can be nicer to people, because everyone else is God. This Source energy is going to be a love energy. So where there is hate there is very little of it, and where there is love there is infinite amounts of it.