On This Weeks Energies…

We are continuing to release a lot as we make way for this weeks 9/9 and 9/11 portals.  We can expect lots of twists and turns this week energetically.  We have had a lot of very positive astrological alignments this year.  We are stepping into some fresh energies.  The next several weeks will take us so much higher within these energies.  We are preparing for the Autumn Equinox.  Yesterday Mercury entered Libra.  This is going to bring the Planet some much needed balance.  Today Venus has entered Leo.  This will bring some really positive energy into your relationships.  This should be making you feel extra in love.  If your not you should be working on healing any blockages you have coming up.  This entire journey is meant to take us deeper into alignment.  Once we have mastered that within ourselves we are meant to come together with another.  We are seeing a new paradigm of love emerge.  We are going to see so many spiritual unions at this time. As we have such a focus on healing the heart chakra, many are looking within and manifesting there twin flame.  It’s the perfect time to be working on bringing more love into your life.  This weeks energy is reminding us that change is coming.  2020 really is showing us the effects of all of these cosmic energies.  During the next year many will continue to leave rather then integrate into the new experience.  This is why we are being reminded that ascension is a big deal and not something you do every incarnation.  It’s never been more important for us to be putting in the work.  We now must release the old.  We have a lot of karmic energies continuing to clear during this time.  We are also back in a Retrograde Portal.  Mars shifts into retrograde in Aries the 9th.  It’s the first time we have had this placement in 30 years.  This may be igniting your inner warrior.  Jupiter and Saturn are both about to end there retrograde cycles.  However both have played a huge role in bringing about the events of 2020.  We can expect some of the same dramas to continue as they shift direct.  9/11 will be huge.  The Sun will be opposite Neptune.  Neptune is associated with all things unseen, even viruses.  You may be receiving conflicting information about this pandemic at this time.  While many see this as a virus, there are others that see what is happening as the effects from the changing of the energies.  That’s why it’s very important that your using your intuition during this time.  Pay attention to your inner voice and the messages your receiving during this time.  We are going to see a massive surge of energy with this year’s Autumn Equinox.  It will bring a massive blast of healing energy with it.  This is a powerful time as the veil is really thin right now.  We are accessing other dimensions and can easily connect with the other side.  This is a powerful time to be sending love to any loved ones in the other realm.  It’s also a powerful time to be bringing any messages back and forth.

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