On The Energies…

This New Moon in Taurus is bringing some powerful New Energies.  It’s bringing some massive influxes of light and major DNA Upgrades with it.  Taurus Season has unlocked a powerful Portal into more Pleiadian Energies.  The Veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is becoming thinner and thinner.  Angels are always able to cross this line to bring us messages and guidance.  Now they can more easily.  Right now the spiritual is really opening up.  Look for the patterns and synchronicities, and know your being fully supported in the spiritual dimensions.  Your life is always moving in the right direction.  This Taurus New Moon will affect the direction your life will take over the rest of the year.  The Intentions you are putting out right now are so important.  That’s why it’s so important that you are staying more and more positive.  We have Pluto and Neptune aspecting this New Moon, which really adds to the energies.  These energies are about healing and letting go of the past to step more fully into our dreams.  Your being encouraged to go bigger with your dreams and manifestations right now.  This New Moon is also all about taking care of yourself right now.  The Energies are increasing and everyone is feeling it more and more.  We are being encouraged to slow down right now.  This New Moon is bringing some major throat chakra activations.  During this time of year the Sun begins to align with the Pleiades.  It will be in perfect alignment next week.  That means May is going to bring some major Galactic Activations with it.  This New Moon is both kicking off, and preparing us for Eclipse Season.  The next Full Moon May 26th, is also a Total Lunar Eclipse.  This Eclipse Season is going to bring some major changes to your life.

art: @indig0

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