On The Energies…



Today the Moon is conjunct Mars.  This may be stirring up relationship issues, or even making your relationships difficult.  This energy will push you to take care of the things that you need to.  The Moon is also conjunct Saturn.  The karmic baggage is being pushed to the surface within these high frequency energies.  It has to go.  Since Mercury is Retrograde it’s not the best time to start new projects.  It’s a time for reflecting on how things are going.  It’s a time to be going back and healing and fixing old connections if needed.  Pluto and Venus form a Sextile today.  This will be affecting your love life In a major way.  Pluto destroys everything in its path, while Venus keeps everything in balance.  When these two form a positive aspect, toxic relationships end and balance is restored.  This is all about transcending old relationship patterns.  It’s all about learning from the past.  We are preparing for our Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 8th.  Expect this to kick off a cycle of profound transformation.  On that day the Sun also aligns with Chiron, which is also in Aries.  This will be a powerful energy.  Expect it to drudge up pain from your past.  Pay attention to any memories, thoughts, or patterns that may be coming up.  These are things that need to be acknowledged and healed.  Expect this Eclipse to bring up roadblocks, setbacks, or delays.  It’s bringing a major clearing energy.  Expect to be purging out the old right now.  It’s great energy for manifesting as well.  These are heightened energies.  You want to be tapping into them and working with them.

art: @glittsparkles