On The Energies…

You may be feeling somewhat of a Full Moon Hangover today.  Welcome to the first day of October.  New month, new energies.  October brings us Spooky Season.  We have shifted into a new season energetically.  Today is a major Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Expect some major upgrades.  We are in some major energies for doing clearing work, and manifestation work.  We have a beautiful alignment happening tomorrow between Venus and the Nodes of Fate.  You have been doing a lot of healing and karmic clearing around your love life.  It’s starting to really show.  The Lunar Nodes determine our karma and destiny.  Expect this transit to be bringing up any destined alignments, or fated connections.  Powerful energies for where you’re meant to be in the future, and with who.  Venus shifts into Virgo the 8th.  This will set the tone for both of this month’s Eclipses.  October is also bringing us Eclipse Season.   We have two Eclipses in one month.  October 10 Pluto shifts direct in Capricorn.  This will heal and clear up a lot! It pulls us out of some deep shadow work that we have been doing.  Expect the energies to get a lot lighter for the 10:10 Portal.  We have our New Moon which is a Solar Eclipse in Libra the 14th.  This Eclipse is referred to as the Ring Of Fire.  On the 28th we have our Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, which happens to fall on the Halloweekend.  Expect lots of magic and mystery this month.  It’s time to be clearing the skeletons out of your closet from the past.   We are healing and clearing a lot of past energies.  Eclipses bring a Cosmic Reset, but can also be draining.  They bring a period of deeper transformation.  Take good care of your energy right now.  This weekend is all about resting, and relaxing.  Your body may be trying to play catch up to all of the energies.

art: @dreammcollage

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