On The Energies…

Today is our Harvest Moon.  The Harvest Moon is aligned with the power of the Equinox.  It’s a powerful time for manifesting, working your magic, and healing.  It’s all about preparing for the Winter months that lie ahead.  This is the final Supermoon of the year.  Its energies will be felt intensely.  The Energies can trigger emotions or any blocks.  They are helping you to heal and to release the energetic baggage.  In two weeks we will kick off Eclipse Season.  This Autumn and last Eclipse Season of the year are all about clearing the energies of the past.  It’s all about letting go of what is no longer serving you, and clearing any attachments.  That’s why today’s energies are so good for putting out your intentions for the future.  The Galactic Energies will continue to be extra strong over the next few weeks.  You may be needing extra self care, or may be needing more time by yourself.  These heightened energies are amazing for a recharge.  Because it’s the Harvest Moon.  This is the strongest Moon of the year.  Stay positive and focused on your goals and manifestations today.  It’s a great time to be harnessing the magic.  Aries is a strong energy and is fast moving.  It’s a great time to be doing spiritual cleansing work too.  Aries is all about your own energy levels.  It’s all about lighting your inner fire.  Expect major new beginning vibes as we prepare to enter into October.

art: @glitterartss

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