On The Energies…

The 9:9 Portal is bringing us heightened energies.  The 9:9 Portal is preparing us for the 9:11 Portal, and the Autumn Equinox.  The Autumn Equinox takes us into the Harvest Supermoon and the start of Libra Season.  September brings a huge influx of Galactic Energies.  Expect a huge influx of Andromedan Energies.  September is one of the best times to see the Andromeda Galaxy.  September also kicks off another Northern Lights Season.  Expect some amazing auroras over the next couple of months.  September will prepare us for the major energetic changes coming to us in October.  If things are coming up for you to release, let them go.  The number 9 is thought to unlock the secrets of the Universe.  It’s a key to all of creation.  The energy we are in now are powerful for manifesting.  It’s also a powerful space for the intentions we are sending out.  It’s a great time to be cleansing and clearing your energy.  This months energies are powerful for doing healing and activation work.  The energies of the 9:9 Portal are all about the transformation we are going through.  These are energies of awakening.  Expect major DNA activations over the next several weeks.  The 9:9 Portal is a doorway that we can step though to enter into better realities.  Expect the Earth energies and Ley Lines to be extra active leading up until the Equinox.  The next few weeks are a great time to be working your magic.  The 9:9 Portal energies are very high frequency.  You may be experiencing ending, and new beginning vibes.  You’re making space for something more aligned with your purpose to enter.  Both the 9:9 Portal and the 9:11 Portal bring energies of completion.  We also have a ghostly green comet overhead all weekend! This mysterious comet is now closest to Earth.  Comet Nishimura will make its closest pass by Earth on the 12th.  This is another Galactic Portal Day.

art: @yana.potter.art


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