On The Energies…

Happy 8:8 Portal.   Today we are receiving lots of energies.  Our Central Sun, Sun, Orion, and Sirius, and Earth are all in a powerful alignment.  Today is the peak of the Lions Gate Portal.  You for sure want to be tapping into these energies for healing and manifesting.  It’s the best time for doing energy work.  The high frequencies are giving you the energy you need to really clear things and to get things done.  Pay attention to what is coming up in your life right now.  Many are clearing and closing out a lot of karmic cycles.  It’s so important that you are getting aligned with what you do want in life right now.  It’s all about what you’re manifesting into reality, and living your dream life.  These are powerful energies that will be bringing intense energy shifts.  While the energies may be the strongest today, we will remain in the Lions Gate Portal until Aug 12th.  With our Sun and Leo, and a major part of this alignment, it’s important you’re really opening your heart, to the activations we are receiving.  It’s so important that you are opening your heart fully and letting love in.  The 8:8 Portal represents the double infinity sign.  It’s the Twin Flames, or lovers in perfect balance.  It represents change in the connection.  This could be a return from separation, or even a big move towards reunion.  These new energies are bringing new inspiration, and lots of abundance.  Right now it’s important that your focus is on forward momentum toward your future.  With Venus Retrograde during this alignment the Universe is pushing you release any limiting beliefs or negative patterns in your love life that may be holding you back from experiencing true love.

art: @glitterilicious

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