On The Energies…

Midsummer Fairy Portal.  Amazing energies going on.  We are still on a major high from the Solstice.  Midsummer is all about magic and fairies.  In these thin spaces fairies and spirits can walk among us in our worlds, and we can enter into there’s.  We are in the world of the fairies this weekend.  This is the perfect time of year to connect with the fairies.  The best way to do that is by connecting with the Earth and setting that intention.  There are Gateways, Portals, and Doorways that lead into other worlds, within the fairy realms.  Most of them found in nature! We have total rebirth energies going on.  All about who you are showing up as daily.  The rest of 2023 we will spend continuing to raise the frequency.  We are at that half way mark, we now shift into the second half of the year.  Pay attention to your body right now.  If you’re feeling ascension symptoms you’re meant to heal these things.  If you’re picking up on things intuitively, really listen.  All about studying within the spiritual right now.  Pay attention to things you’re feeling guided to learn about.  This may be reiki, astrology, tarot cards, mediumship, and other spiritual topics.  Your interests within the spiritual are where your gifts lie.  Whatever you have been through in this life, is connected to your specialty.  Moving through the photon belt.  High frequency energies that are changing our DNA.  You’ll be tapping in more and more psychically.  Integrating a lot of energies from the Solstice.  You may want to be doing energy work and some type of detox.  chlorella, spirulina, and sea moss, are all really good for detoxing out some of the Cosmic radiations we are receiving.

art: @shinewonderland

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