On The Energies…

June 17th Saturn shifts Retrograde.  That means we are already in its Retroshade.  Saturn will spin backwards until Nov 4th.  Saturn is Planet of Karma.  That means June is shifting the energies in a major way.  We know all karma must be cleared and healed during this time.  Saturn descends into the Underworld for 140 days.  Since Saturn is taking its Retrograde in Pisces it may be affecting your dreams.  Expect to tap in so much more!  This Retrograde starts only hours before our Gemini New Moon on the 18th.  This Saturn Retrograde will be activating your karmic destiny.  Expect more clarity on how the bigger events in your life fit together.  Expect new puzzle pieces to show up.  Expect to do a lot of clearing out old karmic baggage.  Karma can manifest as fatigue, energy blocks, toxic people, relationship problems, and having the same situations coming up again and again.  To clear karma you want to find forgiveness with everyone, and to cut the cords to any toxic connections or negative situations going on in your life.  Saturn also ruled boundaries, and limitations.  Time to be really getting your ducks in a row.  When Saturn is in Retrograde it’s time to re-access relationships.  Saturn rules anything you’re committed or bound to.  It’s time to really turn your energy back to within and to yourself.  This retrograde is all about you following your inner voice, and allowing your own intuition to guide you.  This Saturn Retrograde is amazing for doing that shadow work, or doing past life clearing work, or past life reading work.

art: @kokeeneva

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