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On Today’s Energies…

Today the Pleiades have returned! Our Sun and the Pleiades are very much aligned today bringing a powerful energy through.  The Pleiades seems to lead a bright congregation of stars right now including Orion and Sirius.  You can catch all 3 in our daytime sky’s right now.  This month brings us 3 Retrogrades.  Pluto is in Retrograde now and Saturn and Neptune are in a Retroshade, preparing to Shift Retrograde now.  We have Pluto RX from May 1- Oct 11th.  Pluto RX is all about a deep dive into transformation and owning your shadow.  So much healing and shadow work is coming up!  We have Saturn RX from June 17th- Nov 4th.  This RX is pushing you to do better in all areas of your life.  Expect a major karmic clearing to come up.  We have Neptune RX from June 30th to Dec 6th.  Neptune is a deep planet and the theme is self reflection.  Tapping into your emotions and your energetic sensitivities.  Shifting the focus back to the spiritual.  Expect a huge influx of energies as our Sun prepared to turn its axis in the weeks ahead.  We are getting ready for the Solstice! Expect big energies.  The frequencies are going higher and it’s bringing us into a space of miracles, healing, and instant manifestation.

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On The Energies…

June 17th Saturn shifts Retrograde.  That means we are already in its Retroshade.  Saturn will spin backwards until Nov 4th.  Saturn is Planet of Karma.  That means June is shifting the energies in a major way.  We know all karma must be cleared and healed during this time.  Saturn descends into the Underworld for 140 days.  Since Saturn is taking its Retrograde in Pisces it may be affecting your dreams.  Expect to tap in so much more!  This Retrograde starts only hours before our Gemini New Moon on the 18th.  This Saturn Retrograde will be activating your karmic destiny.  Expect more clarity on how the bigger events in your life fit together.  Expect new puzzle pieces to show up.  Expect to do a lot of clearing out old karmic baggage.  Karma can manifest as fatigue, energy blocks, toxic people, relationship problems, and having the same situations coming up again and again.  To clear karma you want to find forgiveness with everyone, and to cut the cords to any toxic connections or negative situations going on in your life.  Saturn also ruled boundaries, and limitations.  Time to be really getting your ducks in a row.  When Saturn is in Retrograde it’s time to re-access relationships.  Saturn rules anything you’re committed or bound to.  It’s time to really turn your energy back to within and to yourself.  This retrograde is all about you following your inner voice, and allowing your own intuition to guide you.  This Saturn Retrograde is amazing for doing that shadow work, or doing past life clearing work, or past life reading work.

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Retrograde Season…

Today is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  This is the Lunar rhythm which intermingles with the Galactic heartbeat.  On these days the veil between the physical and non-physical world is thinner.  These frequencies and vibrations contain knowledge.  This is the best time to access the energies of the akashic records.  These energies amplify anything we are manifesting.  This week we will begin Retrograde Season.  Saturn shifts into Retrograde today.  This gives us a chance to better access our past lives.  Jupiter and Venus will soon follow. Some can feel a major change in the mood.  Things are slowing down for the moment.  We are going to do some more karmic clearing this Retrograde Season.  For some that may look like dealing with fear, relationship issues, or health issues.  The patterns or traumas that we need to heal become our karmic lessons.  We have been taught to heal the symptoms, sometimes forgetting it’s the root of the issue that needs healed.  Saturn is meant to be a teacher.  Pay attention to the things that are surfacing for you this week.    This is a really good time to go within for information.  This year will continue to bring with it a lot of growth.  It’s encouraging us to go deeper within and to heal on deep levels.

I’m doing a guided meditation today.  We will be going on a meditative journey into our akashic to bring back past knowledge.  This will be a deep healing and will contain several activations.  Once you sign up you will be given access to a private Facebook group to be a part of the live transmission, or you can always watch the replay.