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New Moon in Capricorn

We are feeling the first New Moon of 2018! This Moon’s theme is learning! This Moon is extra powerful because Saturn will have just entered Capricorn. Saturn is most comfortable in this sign. If your Moon energy sensitive this will really amplify things. We are seeing power struggles and control dramas resurface. Be careful who you are aligning your loyalties with as a leader. We also have a visit from Terebellum. Terebellum
Is a star that isn’t exactly pleasant, it’s the horse part of the archer. Terebellum comes bringing great fortune. But, nothing comes without a cost. This star has a cunning and mercenary nature. This Stars name actually translated to ‘Earth War’. When under the influence of this star people should feel obligated to stop the exploitation of this planet. We will see lots of rising up against the establishments with this Moon energy. With this Moon’s conjunction with Venus people will crave more affection.

Saturn Is Here!

Saturn may be the second largest planet in the solar system, but through a backyard telescope it’s stunning system of rings makes it visually Number one. The ring world, is currently shining in the southern sky. It may be at its lowest possible viewing altitude, but it’s wide open rings are worth viewing in a telescope. Look for Saturn early this week before the waxing moon brightens the sky. The ringed jewel can be found almost 25 degrees above the horizon, outshining every star in nearby Sagittarius, and Scorpius. Unlike the stars, Saturn will shine with a steady light.