On The Energies…

This weekend is a great time to integrate as we prepare to shift through Eclipse Season.  Eclipse Season runs from April to May.  Eclipses are fated events that will help shift you back on course, or towards your destiny.  That means things are playing out as they should in your life.  Leading up to and after the April 20th Aries New Moon Hybrid Eclipse Meditation you may be feeling headaches, more tired, under pressure, more dreams, or ascension symptoms.  These energies only point you to the areas you need to clear and heal.  It’s up to you to let go.  Just as the 5D world is invisible to those living in 3D, 3D will become invisible to those living in 5D.  You must be in a higher positive energy to ascend into 5D.  Those stuck in negativity will be in too low of a frequency for it.  This is why you’re being guided to cut soul ties with toxic people.  That’s most of the work you have been doing across this lifetime.  April is all about those manifestions.  Those seeds you have been planting coming to life.  Getting a dream in mind so big you need the Divine to play it out.  Work towards your goals daily!!  Don’t forget to feed your soul!  Connect with nature.  Do things just for you.  Really take care of yourself.  Work on your energy and your chakras.  The entire planet is going through a massive vibratory shift right now.  As we are, we are purging and releasing toxins.  That’s why detoxing will help a ton.  It’s also the key to healing.  The higher frequency you go the lighter your body will become.  You will vibrate faster and faster.  You are clearing major energies and releasing many deep rooted blocks.  Those doing the work are having major gifts activating.  Walking between worlds, seeing past the veil, increase in empathy and energetic sensitivity, reading minds, direct connection with your Spirit Guides, Galactics, Angels, and Source.  Seeing more of the spiritual this can look like seeing Spirits, Orbs, and different energies.  Telepathy, communication across time and space.  Instant manifestation.  Healing abilities.  Increase in abundance.  Increase in synchronicity.  More signs, messages, and angel numbers coming through.  Time collapsing and dissolving.  Shifting into higher timelines and realities.  What is important is how you are treating yourself and how you are allowing others to treat you.  Your energy is everything! Take care of it!! Limit your time around other people right now.  Really work on yourself.

art: @shinewonderland

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