On The Energies…

We are in solar cycle 25.  This cycle has been twice as strong as the last one.  In 2023 we already started to receive some powerful solar flares.  The Sun has been buzzing with activity.  Galactic Cosmic Rays have been at a record level.  Right now the Sun’s polar magnetic field is beginning to weaken and will soon flip.  This happens near the peak of each solar cycle.  You will feel the changes that are happening deep within your body.  Solar flares are full of radiation.  As the frequency rises more and more people are leaving this dimension.  During the next two years as we experience the Solar Maximum there will be a lot of loss.  Those that are sick won’t handle the changes coming.  This is why you’re feeling such a deep need to heal and work on your ascension path during this time.  The Maximum is bringing The Event.  Are you feeling things speeding up and your lessons accelerating?  The Sun’s activity, and magnetosphere/ Earth Grid changes are changing our DNA.  Many are experiencing ascension symptoms as we integrate into higher frequencies.  These higher frequency energies we are receiving will pull out lower emotional energies within the body.  This is why you may be releasing and feeling waves of grief, pain, or sadness.  Those that are doing the work are very much healing and shifting the rest of the collective right now.  Things are changing fast within these energies.  The Planet will no longer support the lower frequencies of what was previously the 3D.  This is why your being guided to shift out of it.  We are watching its collapse in real time.  Don’t try to hold on to it.  The negative is leaving as you’re ready to release it.  It has already served its purpose.  We are now instant manifesting.  Your thoughts in each moment are creating your reality.  This is why it’s never been so important to focus on You and the New.  In order to clear the cycles of the past we must simply let it go, and move on.  Many new realities will begin to open up over the next 6 months.

art: @indg0


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